The Fate of American Idol: After Luke Bryan, is Katy Perry saying goodbye too?

As rumors about beloved judge Katy Perry’s impending departure swirl, American Idol is reportedly experiencing a major upheaval. The singing competition, which just announced casting for its next season, maybe without its fiery and outspoken judge, who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

There have been rumors that Ryan Seacrest, the host, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry will make up the panel of judges. The singer reportedly thought about leaving the show to concentrate on her 2-year-old daughter Daisy and spend more time with her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom, according to exclusive reports in The U.S. Sun.

Is Katy Perry leaving American Idol?

Katy has been debating quitting the show for months because she wants to grow her family and pursue her music career without being constrained by it.

The insider claims that Katy has expressed her desire for Daisy to have a “baby brother or sister” and her demanding schedule, which has kept her away from her loved ones. Due to his or her intense emotions this season, the superstar has struggled with a lack of sleep.

Is Katy Perry leaving American Idol
Is Katy Perry leaving American Idol?

As Katy’s lucrative $30 million Idol salary, including endorsement deals, is unlikely to see a significant increase for the upcoming season, financial considerations may also be at play. According to the insider, Katy may begin to doubt her dedication to the show if the potential earnings from a few stadium appearances exceed the contract provided by ABC.

Katy Perry has been facing continuous backlash. 

Although the singer of Fireworks has had tremendous success on American Idol, there have been rumors of discontent behind the scenes. Because of the producers’ betrayal and the negative fan reaction, Katy is doubting her role in the show.

According to sources close to her, she has felt “thrown under the bus,” and the criticism has taken a toll on her, prompting her to reevaluate her position in the competition that she had previously believed would be a platform for fostering young talent.

Katy Perry was criticized for “mom-shaming” by an “American Idol” contestant.

An American Idol contestant named Sara Beth Liebe claims Katy Perry made an offensive “mom-shaming” joke during her audition. Sara Beth told the joke after disclosing her age and the fact that she has three kids. The judges were all shocked by this, including Katy, who stood up in shock. 

“If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out,” Sara Beth said, while Katy shot back, “Honey, you’ve been lying on the table too much.”

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Sara Beth responded by posting a TikTok with the caption, “While I was on the show, there was a joke that was made that has gotten a lot of attention, and I have gotten a lot of people reaching out to me asking how I am feeling. I reasoned that doing this would probably be the simplest solution.

She continued by saying, “It was embarrassing to have that on TV, and it was hurtful,” and declared that she was against “mom-shaming” because “it is hard enough to be a mom, and it is hard enough to be a woman.”

Keep adoring your children, Sara Beth urged. “Nobody should feel bad about that, in my opinion. The bottom line is that I do not believe there is much more to say about it. I believe that being a good mother and loving your children is all that matters. Other remarks simply do not seem necessary.

Sara Beth’s TikTok appears to have received no response from Katy as of yet, but…opinions?

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