Speculations Arise: Is Maurice leaving Sistas? What happened to Maurice on Sistas?

Sistas on television feature a character named Maurice. Maurice is a flamboyant character who frequently engages in male flirtation on the show.

Who plays Maurice? Get to know Brian Jordan Jr.

Brian Jordan Jr. plays the role of Maurice. At Atlanta, Georgia’s Morehouse College, he is a senior. Both the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Morehouse College Glee Club count him as a member and vice president. He participates in the program that exposes Morehouse students to the operatic genre.

He is among the most well-known Instagram users out there. There are currently over 2 million people following him. In many of his photos, he and his friends are seen having the time of their lives. In addition, he frequently shares pictures from his travels, which have taken him to regions like Africa, Europe, and Asia.

He has appeared in several popular films and TV shows and is a gifted actor and singer. Although he is single right now, he has had several relationships with both men and women. Additionally, he actively supports equality and is a member of the LGBT community.

What happened to Maurice? Is Maurice still alive on Sistas?

The doctor later summons Sabrina to the office to see Maurice. Maurice is still alive, which is good news. The bad news is that he is currently in a coma that has been medically induced.

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After apologizing for giving his number to a stranger, Sabrina talks to Maurice while he is unconscious and assures him that his attacker will “get his” karma.

Is Maurice leaving Sistas?

Maurice most likely continues to be a part of the show. He has not made any official announcements about leaving the program. The Sistas season finale raises new plot lines involving characters like Aaron, aka “John,” and Maurice while also leaving many questions unanswered.

Speculations Arise: Is Maurice leaving Sistas? What happened to Maurice on Sistas?

Despite spending the majority of the season behind bars, Maurice seems to be getting a lot of screen time in the upcoming season. While this is happening, Aaron, who has been portrayed as the ideal preacher man, is being set up for a kind of fall from grace as we get a better look at his dark side.

Fatima’s character development and the telling of her backstory were given priority in season five, and it appears Aaron will receive a similar treatment in season 6.

What does Brian Jordan Jr. think of Maurice?

Jordan portrays Maurice Web on the television series Sistas, a gay bank executive who appears frequently. Press notes state that the show follows a group of black women as they manage their social lives, careers, and relationships while looking for love at a young age.

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In one interview, Brian Jordan Jr. expressed his desire for Maurice, the main character of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, to be well-liked by viewers. His new lover and mentor Q pulled a gun on him in the midseason finale of Season 3B.

Maurice is one of those individuals who is in love, too, in Jordan’s opinion. Jordan is convinced that everything he says or does is motivated by a strong sense of love. On the other hand, Maurice is unlikely to find lasting love in his lifetime. He asserts that he has not done it yet. Despite this, he shares the same goal as the show’s viewers: he wants Marice to be successful.

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Is Maurice leaving Sistas – FAQs

Is Maurice on season 5 of Sistas?

Zac discovers more about Fatima’s hidden past, and Maurice is released from prison on March 8, 2023

What happened to Maurice on Sistas Season 5?

Maurice has had enough. Maurice decides to go get his and Calvin’s belongings after being forced to use plastic cups to drink.

Did Maurice or Q get shot on Sistas?

Que and Maurice were fighting when we left them. So, Maurice shot Que, and that is how it ended, as we had expected.

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