Speculations Arise: Is Jamie leaving Blue Bloods? What happened to Will Estes in Blue Bloods?

Season 13, Episode 1 of Blue Bloods revealed that Jamie sustained a gunshot injury, which left his fans questioning his future.

However there is no such information about Will Estes (the actor playing the role of Jamie), that he is expecting to retire from his role in the famous television series.

Blue Bloods  

Blue Bloods is a popular American drama television series involving police procedures, actions, and lots of entertainment. The series has been attracting audiences since its debut in Sept 2020 on CBS.

The show was set in New York City. It centers around a Catholic, Irish-American Reagan Family having a long history of serving in law enforcement.

At the forefront, Tom Selleck portrays the New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, leading a talented cast such as Will Estes, Donnie Wahlberg, Len Cariou, Bridget Moynahan, and others.  

The Reagan family gives an unwavering commitment to justice and has a strong moral that plays a significant role in providing a solid foundation for the gripping storylines of the show.

The show compels its watchers to get lost in the personal and professional lives of the officers, the trials they have to face, and the sacrifice they make while serving their duty. 

Blue Bloods has had a craze in its fans since its debut due to its well-developed characters, completing narratives, actions, dramas, suspense, story, and everything.

What happened to Will Estes?

Jamie Reagan has encountered numerous dangerous situations throughout the time he served in the police force. There have been many cases when Jamie narrowly escaped death.

The family got more distressing news about this dedicated NYPD officer with the return of the series. Episode 1, Season 13 of Blue Bloods, showed that Jamie sustained a gunshot injury, which left his fans questioning his future.

The Episode “Keeping the Faith” revealed that the 29th precinct investigated a case involving domestic violence. Jamie Reagan took action against the case, got involved, and tracked down the suspect.

Is Jamie leaving Blue Bloods
Is Jamie leaving Blue Bloods? / Credit: CBS

Unfortunately, while solving the case, the assailant targeted Jamie and shot him. However, luckily, the ending of the show gave us a positive vibe, as he survived the shooting.

Why is Will Estes leaving Blue Bloods? 

Numerous assumptions about the departure of Will Estes from Blue Bloods have been circulated in the past.

In Season 12, Mayor Chase tempted Jamie Reagan with a job in his security detail, which Jamie refused. However, even after Jamie’s refusal, Season 13 brought back the same opportunity into focus.

A glimpse of the second episode of Season 13 reveals that Jamie performs a new role as a field intelligence sergeant, which requires him to keep secrets from his family.

While rumors are questioning Jamie’s future in the series, we should rely on the true, accurate, and factual information regarding the departure of a character or other cast changes.

Fans should wait for the official announcement regarding the departure of Will Estes from Blue Bloods.

Who is Will Estes?  

William Estes, popularly known as Will Estes is a renowned American actor. He was born on 21st October 1978. Currently, he is 44 years old.

William Estes gained popularity after playing the role of Jamie Reagan in the popular American television series ‘Blue Bloods.’ Jamie Reagan is the youngest son of Frank Reagan, the police commissioner.

In the show, Will Estes aka Jamie Reagan serves as an officer in the New York Police Department.

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Jamie Reagan – FAQs

Is Jamie Reagan leaving Blue Bloods?

There are rumors regarding the departure of Will Estes or Jamie from Blue Bloods. However, there is no confirmation from the official authorities regarding this matter.

Who is Will Estes?

William Estes or Will Estes is a 44 years old American Actor, popularly known for his role as Jamie in the American television series Blue Bloods.

Who is Jamie in Blue Bloods?

Jamie Reagan is the youngest son of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. He serves as a dedicated police officer in the New York Police Department.

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