Recent update on Larry Potash Arm: What we know so far

Do you wish to know the most recent information regarding Larry Potash’s arm injury? Potash asserts that a torn bicep muscle suffered during a basketball game is what led to the arm sling.

The entire time on December 8, 2022, Larry Potash of the WGN Morning News could be seen sporting an arm sling. After observing Larry Potash’s arm in a sling throughout the newscast, Chicagoans are now curious as to what happened to it.

Since the incident went viral, more people have expressed concern for the anchor’s health. It is now clear what Potash’s sling’s real function was. More information about what transpired to his arm can be found here.

Larry Potash as WGN-TV Anchor

In August 1994, Larry Potash began his employment with WGN-TV News, and he has served as the morning show’s host ever since the program’s debut in 1995. The popular show, which consistently receives high ratings, celebrated its 25th birthday in September 2019.

What happened during WGN’s Larry Potash morning show?

In the WGN Morning News segment from December 8, 2022, Larry Potash could be seen with his arm in a sling. Co-anchor Robin Baumgarten once remarked that Potash was also missing a tie in addition to his sling, illustrating how WGN continued to focus on Potash’s arm throughout the morning show.

Later in the show, the events surrounding Potash’s employment at the station, during which he “came to work injured,” were also discussed.

When Potash appeared on screen during Thursday’s broadcast sporting a sling around his arm, viewers this week immediately picked up on a change in him. Throughout his almost 30-year run, Potash had established himself as a constant on screen. His supporters were alarmed by this.

What is the Latest Update on Larry Potash’s Arm Injury?

Sadly, it is difficult to tell from the search results exactly when these injuries happened or if there have been any changes to his condition.

However, Potash has not given specific dates or information about his injuries to those who have been following the “Larry Potash arm injury update.”

Larry Potash Arm Injury
Larry Potash Arm Injury

His audience is well aware of Potash’s passion for basketball. This love, however, appears to have resulted in “yet another basketball injury,” as he put it. Beyond the broadcast studio, he has a deep love for the sport.

Potash does not let his arm sling interfere with his charisma on air, and he still interacts with his audience despite the injury. Even when he experiences personal setbacks, his tenacity shows his commitment to his audience.

In Conclusion

There is no update on the injury, and the condition remains vague without more details. We know that a torn bicep muscle from a basketball game is the reason behind the anchor’s arm sling.

Potash’s entertaining broadcasts continue to entertain us, and we wish him a quick recovery.

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Larry Potash Arm – FAQ

What happened to Larry Potash?

Larry Potash tore his bicep while playing defense in a pick-up basketball game when an opponent’s elbow struck hard against him. 

Where is Larry Potash today?

The WGN Morning News has been anchored by Larry Potash since 1995, one year after it began, when he joined WGN-TV News in August 1994. The popular program, which has consistently ranked first in the ratings, celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2019.

What town does Larry Potash live in?

In “Backstory with Larry Potash,” the native of Lynn, Massachusetts, provides a modern perspective on history, providing a more somber examination of a subject.

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