Max Joseph Teases Possible Return to ‘Catfish’: What Happened to Max on Catfish?

Previous co-host of MTV’s hit show “Catfish,” Max Joseph, has left fans excited with his new remarks about a likely re-visitation of the series.

Joseph has expressed an interest in reuniting with hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford to continue uncovering Internet shams and assisting people in discovering the truth. He left in 2018 to pursue other career opportunities.

Joseph Open to a Trio Format

Max Joseph’s recent statements indicate that while he respects how Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford have been taking care of the show as a couple, he is available to frame a threesome.

The possibility of having every one of the three hosts working together energizes him, and he accepts it could carry a new point of view to the show’s investigations.

However, Joseph emphasized that there are no specific plans for his return at this time, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any information regarding this possible trio arrangement.

Praise for Kamie Crawford

 Joseph played an important role as a digital investigator and emotional supporter for those who were deceived online during his time on “Catfish.” Joseph has been nothing but supportive of Kamie Crawford’s role on the show ever since she took over as his co-host. He has transparently lauded Crawford’s ability, calling her a great replacement.

Joseph admitted with humility that he believes she is superior to him in many ways, making her a valuable team member. The kinship between Joseph and Crawford would without a doubt add a thrilling dynamic if they were to co-have together from here on out.

What happened to Max on Catfish?

Max made the difficult decision to leave “Catfish” in 2018 after the show had aired 115 episodes, 31 specials, and seven seasons. He quickly developed into a close friend of Nev Schulman because he was the digital investigator on the show. Joseph and Schulman have remained close even after he left, supporting one another in their endeavors outside of the show.

Their bromance has been admired by fans on numerous occasions, and it would undoubtedly be a touching moment for longtime viewers to see them together on “Catfish.”

Teasing a Possible Reunion

Although rumors of a possible reunion with Max Joseph have been circulating for some time, Nev Schulman’s playful teasing of the possibility of his co-host returning in 2022 brought the excitement to new heights.

What happened to Max on Catfish
What happened to Max on Catfish?

Fans’ hopeful speculation has been sparked by Schulman’s playful hint, even though nothing has been officially confirmed. On May 31, Joseph made a special appearance for the show’s 200th episode, which fueled the reunion rumors even more.

Fans who remember Max Joseph’s significant contributions to the show are enthusiastic about the possibility of his return to “Catfish.” Even though there are no concrete plans right now, the idea of Schulman, Crawford, and Joseph in a dynamic trio format has piqued the interest of devoted viewers.

The passionate audience of the show eagerly awaits any information regarding a possible reunion, hoping to witness the beloved co-hosts’ reunion for additional unforgettable catfishing investigations.

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Max on Catfish – FAQs

Do Max and Nev still get along?

Fans may be confident that Max and Nev, with whom he co-produced the original 2010 Catfish documentary that sparked the TV series, are still friendly, whether or not Max makes a comeback.

Why did Max stop playing Catfish?

Max stated that he was taking a leave of absence from Catfish after four years to embark on his feature picture directorial debut, We Are Friends. After the movie, he briefly returned to the show before quitting permanently in 2018 to concentrate on his film career.

Has Max visited Catfish once more?

The 200th episode of “Catfish” from last year had a cameo from Max Joseph.

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