Major Crimes Andy Flynn dies: A journey of love and recovery in Major Crimes

As Andy Flynn navigates love, life, and health in Major Crimes, feel the emotional rollercoaster. Witness the journey to repairing broken hearts and new beginnings as he goes from being caustic and pessimistic to falling in love with his superior, Captain Sharon Raydor.

With a proposal, an engagement, and a wedding on the horizon, will Andy be able to face the unexpected hurdles that a heart attack brings? Find out more about the riveting suspense in Andy’s death on Major Crimes. 

Andrew ‘Andy’ Flynn: Who is he?

Flynn is sarcastic, pessimistic, and unwilling to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Being a former Catholic who frequently mocks religion, he only consents to a religious wedding to appease Captain Sharon Raydor, his purported superior, whom he falls in love with.

Andy Flynn worked at the Robbery-Homicide Division for most of The Closer’s first season until being “loaned” by Russell Taylor to Priority Homicide.

When one of Flynn’s earlier cases was reopened in “Fatal Retraction” and Taylor was ready to slam him for misidentification of the victim, Flynn asked to be permanently transferred to Brenda’s section.

Major Crimes Andy dies

Homebound Hearts: Major Crimes and New Beginnings

Andy began looking for a new home that would be nearer to work and Sharon during Season 5 of Major Crimes. Rusty appears to disagree with the decision the two make to begin looking for a larger home where they may all live together.

This is resolved when he asks Andy in “Skin Deep” if he will be a hindrance in the couple’s new home; Andy responds that he had not even thought about that and that they will bring him to see any place they are seriously considering.

He took Buzz and Provenza to a potential house candidate in “Skin Deep” since Sharon was preoccupied with work and he wanted Buzz to video the house in addition to getting Provenza’s second opinion. He talks enthusiastically about the advantages of the location as they enter, including how it will benefit Rusty, who he is unaware of and who is unsure of whether he will be accepted.

Buzz noticed a person floating in the pool during the house tour, which prompted the Major Crimes Division to launch a new investigation. Provenza then made sure that no one else would want to purchase the house as much as Andy did.

When they discovered that Provenza’s scare tactics had succeeded and no one else was interested in the house following the investigation, Andy, Sharon, and Rusty went to see it in person and were prepared to make an offer.

After they informed the realtor that they wanted to submit an offer, he informed them that the property had toxic black mold and said it would be an “opportunity” to just knock down the old walls and remodel the spaces into the home of their dreams, adding that there was money to be made in the situation.

Major Crimes Andy Flynn dies
Major Crimes Andy Flynn dies

Rusty told the realtor that Sharon would have closed the purchase if there had been one available after Andy and Sharon left because they were unimpressed.

Afterward, Andy sells his home and moves in with Sharon and Rusty while searching for another one. He has since been spotted residing in Sharon and Rusty’s condo.

After “White Lies, Part 3,” Andy suffers a heart attack and falls to the office floor. Everyone rushes to help him. He is shown to have survived what is discovered to have been a stress-induced heart attack in “Heart Failure” and is on light duty until his doctor gives him the all-clear to go on.

Mending Hearts: Love, Life, and New Beginnings in Major Crimes

Andy is depicted as having survived “Heart Failure” and is assigned to desk work until his doctor gives him the all-clear. Flynn pops the question to Sharon in Dead Drop, and their engagement is formally revealed in the next episode. The wedding takes place in “Sanctuary City, Part 5.

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Major Crimes Andy Flynn – FAQs

Did Andy and Sharon get married?

After recovering from a heart attack, Flynn asks Sharon to marry him, and their engagement is declared. The wedding takes place in “Sanctuary City, Part 5.”

What happened to Andy Flynn?

After “White Lies, Part 3,” Andy suffers a heart attack and falls to the office floor. Everyone rushes to help him.

When does Andy make a comeback?

After undergoing weeks of anger management training, Andy returns to the office with a resolve to start over with all of the Dunder-Mifflin staff members.

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