Lexi and Rae Ultimatum Break Up: The Untold Story of Unthinkable Breakup

In the reunion episode of The Ultimatum: Queer Love, Lexi Goldberg, and Rae Cheung-Sutton talked ecstatically about getting married, but a text card that appeared at the end of the broadcast revealed that they had split up since the episode had been filmed.

So what took place? When TV Insider spoke to the former couple separately, they both claimed that they had since discovered things about one another that made their relationship untenable.

But did Lexi and Rae split up after the cameras stopped running at the Ultimatum: Queer Love reunion? 

One combo, in particular, gave us the willies. The series’ fan favorite, Lexi Goldberg, gave Rae Cheung-Sutton an ultimatum when she hesitated to move their relationship forward. Once they participated in the experiment and Vanessa Papa entered the picture, things only became worse. 

When Lexi suspected Vanessa had joined the series for the wrong reasons, their relationship swiftly soured. Vanessa was the series’ troublemaker. When Vanessa and Rae teamed up for their trial marriage and confessed to having slept with her while not being serious about the relationship, the hostility only grew.

Despite everything, this pair from The Ultimatum: Queer Love made a lifelong commitment to one another. Did it remain the same? 

Is Lexi and Rae’s relationship over? 

Even though they were together during the reunion for The Ultimatum: Queer Love, it was later discovered that Lexi and Rae split up soon after the program. 

Even though she claims to appreciate her ex-girlfriend, Rae feels that by separating from Lexi, the relationship’s dominating figure, she was able to assert herself and gain greater power. To start over, she intends to relocate from Orange County to Los Angeles. 

Lexi and Rae Ultimatum Break Up: The Untold Story of Unthinkable Breakup
Lexi and Rae Ultimatum Break Up: The Untold Story of Unthinkable Breakup

 Rae has a somewhat different perspective and thinks that the union eventually fell apart because of the modifications they made.

Rae claimed that after the reunion, Lexi’s lifestyle significantly changed and that our courses “were kind of going in different directions.” “We both sat down and had a conversation where we said, ‘I don’t think that this is for us anymore.'”

They claim to still respect one another, even if they are currently at odds. Lexi likens their current situation to that of “distant cousins” who will one day (hopefully) reunite. 

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“There is unquestionably love there. A friendship existed there. There was respect there, and I’ll never let it go,” Lexi continued. 

In the end, it appears that the Netflix series altered the trajectory of the relationship for the better. 

Netflix is currently showing The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

Despite being one of two of the five couples who got engaged in The Ultimatum’s season finale, Lexi and Rae are no longer together. According to the rules of The Ultimatum, Rae and Lexi had to break up, date their other cast members for a week, and then decide who they wanted to participate in a “trial marriage” for three weeks.

They would then return to their apartment for three weeks before deciding whether they wanted to leave the show engaged, engaged to someone else, or single.

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