Jennie Ruby Jane Can Be The Saving Grace For ‘The Idol’?

The cast of Max’s The Idol includes pop talents Troye Sivan and Abel Tesfaye, as well as actors Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek and model Hari Nef. However, it appears that the series debut episode’s genuine star had one of the tiniest speaking parts.

Her name is Jennie Kim, but you may be more familiar with her as Blackpink’s  Jennie. The greatest draw for the series up to this point, particularly online, has been the 27-year-old global sensation, known professionally as Jennie Ruby Jane, who plays Dyanne, the dancer bestie of Jocelyn, the main character. 

More than 2 million people have watched a video of her dancing moment from the first episode, which is higher than the episode’s actual viewership of 913,000, according to Variety.

However, while the internet seems to adore Jennie, it is less enthusiastic about The Idol. The series has been dogged by the controversy that erupted when a Rolling Stone exposé exposed its disorganized production, and its debut episode received harsh criticism.

Will Jennie’s fame be able to salvage ‘The Idol’ from itself?  

Here is why has such a strong pull. Internationally, Jennie has a huge fan base, and some of her admirers have subscribed to Max simply for her.

Jennie is undoubtedly the most well-known member of The Idol’s cast and crew. With more than 79 million followers, she has the 48th-highest number of Instagram followers. The most money ever made by a female group on tour was $78 million by her band, Blackpink, which is well-known throughout the world.

The band’s devoted followers, known as Blinks, have gathered up to support Jennie because The Idol is her acting debut (she also made a standout performance in a perfume commercial last year). One superfan told the New York Times they would stop watching Max if Jennie was taken off the show. And Max and The Idol both need as many subscribers as they can obtain.

Jennie is in her ‘Villain’ era

The Idol Episode 2 was released on June 11 and received a lot of hype in the K-pop community but for all the right reasons. Fans got additional scenes with Jennie, a member of the well-known K-pop group BLACKPINK, thanks to this.

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She sang and spent time with Tedros (played by The Weeknd) in the episode. Fans were more intrigued by the episode’s revelation of Dyanne’s (played by the member of BLACKPINK) actual motivations.

Jennie Ruby Jane the idol
Jennie Ruby Jane the idol

The most recent episode sparked a stir among BLINK fans by showing a scene in which the SOLO singer uttered an expletive. It was revealed that Dyanne and Tedros, the new lover of Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp), had been in a long-term se*ual relationship. He is seen in the scene seated in front of the phone, speaking to Jocelyn in a club.

Jennie is struggling with her health

Due to her health, Jennie abruptly left the stage midway through BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concert in Melbourne on June 11 and the other members of the group finished the show without her. Her representative, YG Entertainment, releases a statement on her behalf after she left the show early.

They said that Jennie was irritated about what occurred and apologized for something very similar. The Idol star then quickly ends his performance and turns to leave the stage, appearing visibly exhausted.

Later, according to reports, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo informed the audience that Jennie had been experiencing health issues all day. YG Entertainment later verified this in a statement.

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