Is Ziva coming back to NCIS? Reunion of Anthony ‘Tony’ Dinozzo and Ziva David

Michael Weatherly, the adored actor who plays Agent Anthony ‘Tony’ DiNozzo, recently posted an update on his official Twitter account in which he revealed something that fans had been anxiously expecting. His character and the mysterious Ziva David, played by the great Cote de Pablo, may finally get together in the forthcoming 2023 season.

As they anxiously await the development of this potentially epic tale, this discovery has driven the show’s loyal following into a frenzy of speculation and expectation.

Ziva’s come back to NCIS.

Fans have been left feeling hopeful and eager for the future by Weatherly’s loving New Year’s greeting. He exhorts followers to embrace happy moments and, above all, to savor the companionship of family and loved ones throughout the year, encouraging everyone to treasure life’s pleasures.

Fans are excited to see what surprises and joys the future brings because of his upbeat demeanor, which makes it seem like fantastic things are in store. So let’s make the most of this year by cherishing the special occasions and anticipating the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead.

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In the compelling video, Weatherly, who has been enchanting viewers since leaving NCIS for his role in CBS’ Bull, teases viewers with the intriguing question, “What does 2023 have in store for us?” With this question, he arouses interest and eagerness in his audience, making them want to learn about the intriguing possibilities and unexpected shocks that this year may hold.

NCIS: Uncharted Investigations

NCIS is a compelling television series that is set in the enthralling world of military procedural drama and revolves around a fictitious group of talented agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: Hawai’i and NCIS: New Orleans are just a few of the intriguing spin-offs that have been produced throughout the years since the show’s initial 2003 launch as Navy CIS.

Is Ziva coming back to NCIS?
Is Ziva coming back to NCIS? / Getty Images

NCIS has had a superb ensemble cast for the entirety of its illustrious history, dazzling our screens with outstanding performances. The charismatic Mark Harmon, the gifted Sasha Alexander, Duana Henry, Rocky Carroll, Lauren Holly, Emily Wickersham, Pauley Perrette, Wilmer Valderrama, Diona Reasonover, Sean Murray, Jennifer Esposito, Katrina Law, Gary Cole, David McCallum, and Brian Dietzen, are just a few of the actors who have contributed their special talents, giving their characters more depth and intrigue.

NCIS has firmly established itself as a beloved and enduring series, engaging audiences with every episode thanks to its fascinating combination of daring investigations, interesting plotlines, and riveting character relationships. Fans can’t help but excitedly await the thrilling adventures that lie ahead in this incredible television trip as it continues to explore new areas and compelling tales.

NCIS: Paths Of Fate

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo had to make a difficult choice in Weatherly’s moving farewell episode, one that might have an impact on his future. He followed his impulses, then his reason, while battling conflicting emotions that finally caused him to leave the squad.

Tony hurried to the airport as soon as he heard about the tragic bombing of the David family farmhouse in Israel, hoping to discover information and possibly a ray of hope. He was stopped, though, by Abby and McGee, who broke the heartbreaking news that Ziva had sadly perished in the assault.

Tony’s anguish and rage were out of control, but a shocking turn of events altered everything. Tali, a daughter Ziva had given birth to years before, was introduced to him. Tony was completely shocked by this realization, which gave his life a new feeling of duty and direction.

Tony told Gibbs about his intention to depart the squad in the poignant Season 13 season finale. He decided to take care of Tali, setting off for Israel and subsequently arranging to travel to Paris, a location that had great meaning for Ziva.

Tony’s actions and words added to the mystery amid rumors and theories that Ziva could still be alive, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they anticipated what the future would bring for their favorite character and the legacy of his profound bond with Ziva.

Resurfacing Truths

In a shocking turn of events that astounded the audience, Cote de Pablo’s top-secret return to NCIS revealed the reality of Ziva’s fate: she was indeed alive, but she was fleeing for her life. It became evident throughout de Pablo’s gripping Season 17 encore that Ziva had intentions to get in touch with her daughter’s father as the plot developed.

After years of mystery, Ziva’s survival was finally revealed, adding a whole new level of interest and drama to the narrative. With her return, old wounds were reopened and some of the mysteries surrounding her absence started to be clarified.

As the plot took unforeseen twists, the eagerly anticipated meeting of Ziva and the father of her daughter became the main focus, engrossing readers in the compelling story of secrets, disclosures, and restored relationships.

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Ziva on NCIS – FAQs

Is Ziva coming back to NCIS?

Yes, as per the claims of Michael Weatherly, Ziva might be the part of upcoming Season of NCIS in 2023.

Who is Ziva David in NCIS?

Actress Cote de Pablo plays the fictitious character Ziva David on the CBS television program NCIS. A regular cast member since the episode “Silver War,” Ziva initially made an appearance in the season 3 premiere, “Kill Ari.”

Is Ziva dead or alive?

Ziva David is not dead. She was indeed alive. However, Ziva was trying to flee for her life.

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