Is Tory Kittles leaving The Equalizer? The Explained Prospects for Tory Kittles’ Character on the Show

With the Season 4 finale of The Equalizer officially released, fans may be wondering if Tony Kittles’ Marcus Dante is returning for Season 5.

The Equalizer’s Season 4 finale ends with Dante leaving to join a task force and battle child predators, despite Robyn’s willingness to tell him that it breaks her heart.

The episode featured Kittles, Queen Latifah, Adam Goldberg, and Liza Lapira in addition to Jennifer Morrison as a guest star.

As for when Dante will return to the CBS series, neither the on-screen cast nor the audience seem to know, though Kittles himself might be able to provide some answers.

Is Tory Kittles leaving The Equalizer?

No, Tony is not leaving The Equalizer.

Fans of The Equalizer Season 4 may be wondering if there are any plans for Tony Kittles’ character Marcus Dante to return after he leaves town for a new job at the end of the show.

Thankfully, Kittles has made hints about Season 5 plans, implying that he will return even though his character has moved on. In a recent interview, Kittles conveyed his appreciation to the group he works with on The Equalizer.

In fact, we have discussed a few topics that we can discuss. Our showrunner, Joe Wilson, is an amazing team player. We have an amazing group of producers, beginning with Queen Latifah and her Flavor Unit crew, followed by Debra Martin Chase and all of the CBS staff.”

He continued saying that there will be a post-Season 4 continuation because he and the team “really want to continue to ride that wave” of the first few seasons’ international reach and impact.

Is Tory Kittles leaving The Equalizer
Tory Kittles

We are going to continue expanding the show’s scope and pushing the boundaries. We understand that numerous people are listening to this show from all over the world. We want to keep riding that wave and providing audiences with what they desire. That is something I am looking forward to. I am excited to grow and improve while keeping an eye out for the subtleties in each of these characters.”

How could Dante return in Season 5?

In light of Kittles’ revelation that Robyn and Dante will have more together in Season 5, there are two primary avenues for their reunion.

Dante could go back to his old job first. Though he can perform well, maybe the task force gives him time to think things through or realize this was not his intended role. Robyn may also choose to work somewhere else, perhaps even closer to Dante’s workplace, or she could accompany him on the task force.

The latter option seems less likely since it would cut off the two from the rest of the main story and plot points that have been developed over the course of the four seasons that have come before.

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