Is Taylor Kinney Returning to Chicago Fire? Fans Eagerly Await the Firefighter’s Comeback!

Viewed have been missing The Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney. Since he has missed recent episodes and we all have heard that he is currently taking a break from his role to handle a personal matter.

Will he return to Chicago Fire? Read on for all we know

Kinney’s Absence: A Break for the Veteran Actor in the “Chicago” Franchise

After 200 episodes, Spencer ended his role on Dick Wolf’s firefighter procedural in 2021. Since leaving, he has appeared several times, most notably during Severide’s wedding in the Season 10 finale.

He returned earlier this season and appeared in the April 5 episode of “Danger Is All Around.” He left his plot unfinished at the time, giving the impression that Casey might go back to Chicago. To care for the children of a deceased friend, the character initially relocated to Oregon and signed a three-year employment contract.

Kinney, on the other hand, has appeared in the procedural since its inception. Variety announced in January that the actor, who has starred in every spinoff, including “Chicago Med,” “Chicago P.D.” and the ephemeral “Chicago Justice,” was taking a leave of absence.

Will Taylor Kinney return to Chicago Fire?

For season 11

No, Taylor Kinney will not return to Chicago Fire. NBC recently revealed that Taylor, who took a leave of absence earlier this year, will not be back for the season 11 finale on May 24 amid the news that the actor who plays Lieutenant Kelly Severide will not be.

Fortunately, Jesse Spencer, who portrayed Captain Matt Casey for ten seasons, will make a special guest appearance in the season finale. He previously made a comeback earlier this year.

For season 12

Although we are aware that Chicago Fire will return for a 12th season, Taylor’s part in the program has not yet been clarified. The cast of the One Chicago franchise’s three shows will appear in fewer episodes of the upcoming seasons than previously announced due to budget cuts, according to a May report from Deadline.

The source stated that an agreement had been reached between NBC and the One Chicago creators, Universal Television and Wolf Entertainment, regarding the future of the three shows.

Is Taylor Kinney Returning to Chicago Fire? Fans Eagerly Await the Firefighter's Comeback!
Is Taylor Kinney Returning to Chicago Fire?

The main cast will, however, appear in fewer episodes than usual due to the agreement budget, which will keep the shows on the air for an additional season.

Why did Taylor Kinney leave Chicago Fire?

Taylor Kinney, left Chicago Fire to handle a personal matter. He made a last appearance in the episode that aired on February 22 before vanishing. It has been confirmed by a source close to the production that the actor is taking a leave of absence to attend to a personal matter.

Since the series debut in 2012, Kinney has served as its protagonist. He has also appeared in all of the spinoffs, such as “Chicago Justice,” “Chicago Med,” and “Chicago P.D.” in addition to the firefighter series.

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Taylor Kinney – FAQs

Will Kelly Severide return to Chicago Fire?

Season 11 of Chicago Fire without Kelly Severide: Taylor Kinney Where? Fans of Severide will be disappointed to hear the news. Taylor Kinney will not return to Chicago Fire for Season 11 before the May 24, 2023, season finale, as we recently learned.

Is Severide coming back in season 12 of Chicago Fire?

Despite Severide’s absence, a different beloved firefighter will be back for the Season 11 finale. Jesse Spencer, who left the show in 2021, will play Matthew Casey a third time, according to Variety. After working on the first responder show for nearly ten years, Spencer left in October 2021.

Is Severide leaving Chicago Fire permanently?

Taylor Kinney, who has played Severide on Chicago Fire since season 1, announced in January 2023 that she would be taking a “leave of absence” from the show to handle a “private matter.” Rumor has it that Kinney’s departure from Chicago Fire was shared with the cast and crew on January 20, 2023.

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