Is Robin Roberts leaving GMA? Do you know Robin Roberts?

The fact that famous people frequently change their opinions is nothing new. Celebrity news is always eagerly anticipated by the public. Their decisions often surprise people.

Currently, rumors about Robin Roberts leaving GMA are circulating. Let us introduce you to Robin Roberts.

Robin Roberts: Who is she?

Robin Roberts was born on November 23, 1960. She is an American television broadcaster. She is an anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America.

She did her higher studies at Southeastern Louisiana University in Mississippi. She is a successful, high-paid anchor and attractive woman.

Is Robin Roberts leaving GMA?

On April 14, 2022, a special episode honoring her career was shown to mark her 20th year in the coveted position. Roberts took a break from television but cleared that she had never made any plans to stop hosting the program.

Therefore, it is clear that she is not leaving GMA. Now fans can release their breath and feel relaxed.

Why did Robin Roberts take a break from the show?

The actual reason for her break was her lifelong partner, Amber Laign. Robin shared the news that her longtime partner Amber Laign had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Robin could feel Amber’s pain as she had also been through breast cancer in 2007.  She affirmed that she will return soon after her partner gets well.

Is Robin Roberts planning to get married?

Recently in January 2023, Robin Roberts announced that she and Amber Laign planned to get married. She further added that they are going to marry this year. She was hesitating during the announcement as she never said it before.

She again talked about Laing’s breast cancer. They both are now ready to start a new life. Fans are wishing them and waiting eagerly for this longtime awaited moment.

How did Robin Roberts meet Amber Laign?

Both the partners are female and they met on a blind date on July 26, 2005. She praised her partner and called her supportive and that Laign has always been there beside her every step of the way.

Is Robin Roberts leaving GMA?
Is Robin Roberts leaving GMA?

Both partners celebrated their 15th anniversary in July 2020. It was on December 29, 2013, that Robin Roberts publicly acknowledged her lifelong partner Amber Laign. And finally, on April 1, 2014, she opened up about her relationship with Laign in a memoir.

Awards and honors received by Roberts Robin.

Roberts has received so many awards for her wonderful work, the Mel Greenwork Media Award is one of them, which she received in 2001. She won the Walter ‘Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism’ in 2014.

She became the tenth recipient of the honorary Harlem Globetrotter title in 2015. Also, The National Association of Broadcasters Distinguished Service Award for 2018 went to Roberts.

All these achievements show her hard work and beautify her designation.

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Robin Roberts – FAQs

What is the salary of Robin Roberts?

Robin Roberts is currently the highest-paid anchor of GMA. Her longtime estimated salary is $8 Million. Her net worth is $90 Million. Earlier it was reported that her net worth is $55 million, but currently, the figure is much higher. 

What is Robin Roberts famous for?

She is famous for her wonderful anchoring in ABC’s Good Morning America. Her personality and skills make her look attractive.

How many followers are there of Robin Roberts?

On Instagram, she has more than 853K followers with a 0.80 percent engagement rate. The number keeps fluctuating.

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