Is Mouch leaving Chicago Fire? Will Mouch be getting out of Chicago Fire?

In the season 11 finale of Chicago Fire, there were many cliffhangers. Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) approaching return, Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) unanswered proposal, and Mouch’s (Christian Stolte) injuries all need attention.

All of these characters have unclear fates, but because they all have important roles in the program, viewers are interested to see who will stay and who will depart permanently. Here is a list of the Chicago Fire cast members as season 12 approaches.

Spoilers for the Chicago Fire season finale

The season 11 finale summary of Chicago Fire stated that Herrmann meets a psychic on a call who issues a dire warning before to the show’s penultimate episode. Many others were alarmed by the warning that Cindy may suffer an adverse event. We never imagined that the psychic’s message would truly be related to Mouch, though!

It appears as if Mouch will live after being hurried to the hospital, but then things take a serious turn. Nobody has to be made aware of the shock and destruction that followed Evan Hawkins’ death at work. It seemed to come out of nowhere and shattered Hawkins and Violet’s lovely romance.

It was wise of Fire to postpone a death of that magnitude in the seasons preceding this one since it made Hawkins’s passing more devastating. What are the possibilities that Mouch will receive similar treatment?

Is Mouch leaving Chicago Fire?

In Chicago Fire, this style of narrative has been used before. Whether it’s Leslie Shay (Lauren German) or Otis (Yuri Sardarov), the program frequently kills off beloved characters in the season premiere. More reason to be concerned because Mouch fits in well with these characters.

Then there is the Instagram post by Christian Stolte. He issued a strangely thoughtful thank you to fans shortly before the finale aired. No spoilers here; I simply want to say that the past 11 years have been wonderful, and I’m thankful for the opportunity. Keep going, Chi-Hards.

Is Mouch going to pass away?

The remainder of the 51 were detained for interrogation following the incident, and Mouch was sent to the hospital after being shot. When Boden arrived back at 51, he reported that Mouch was at Med in a stable condition and that it had turned out that he had been struck by shrapnel rather than a bullet.

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Up until the episode’s dramatic twist in the closing seconds, it appeared like he was safe from harm. Herrmann realizes his friend Mouch isn’t looking good when visiting him in the hospital, and that’s when he spots blood dripping through the hospital blanket. He turns the cover over and sees that Mouch’s wound has reopened and is profusely bleeding. Herrmann shouts for assistance as Mouch quickly faints and starts to flatline.

It has been a very long time since the life of the character, one of the 51’s elder statesmen, Herrmann (David Eigenberg), has been in danger. He and the actor Christian Stolte seem to be nearing their breaking point.

The biggest unknown going into the upcoming season is probably whether or not Mouch will stay, along with whether or not Brett accepted Casey’s proposal. Although it would be dishonest to claim with certainty that the character will survive, we will say that he will still appear on television.

Given how significant Christian Stolte has been to fans over the past ten years, he won’t be someone who loses their job off-screen. Nevertheless, we hope he continues to appear in future seasons.

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