Is Luke Bryan Quitting American Idol? What is the reason for Luke Bryan’s departure?

A new season of American Idol has been confirmed, but there is no word on whether the judging panel will remain the same. Perry and Bryan told ET that they were still in talks about a return as of the Season 21 finale in May 2023, while Richie said he will be “running through the door first thing” if the show tells him they want him back for Season 23. 

Luke Bryan seemed more assured about a return for all three judges to the upcoming season of the reality show on Sunday night (June 11, 2023), backstage at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium before his CMA Fest performance.

What did Bryan say? 

He tells Taste of Country and other media that “my future with Idol” is as long as the show “is growing and popping, and we feel like we are doing beautiful work as a show.”

And on Season 21 in particular, Bryan feels the American Idol team hit their stride. We believed that this year was the culmination of our collective efforts, the singer continues.

As long as we feel like we are progressing and rising, as long as we are feeling moved on a deep level, as long as we are sharing stories about children and the American spirit, and as long as it feels like we are moving forward and upward, Katy, Lionel, and I will find it difficult to leave this project, they said. “It is a show that kids and parents can cry and laugh together and have fun watching.  

A look at Bryan as an American Idol Judge: 

 Since 2018, Bryan has played a vital role as a judge on American Idol, winning the hearts of fans with his charisma and contributing to the show’s resurgent ratings. However, he is still dubious about his position on the program. Bryan must balance a difficult music career with his family, which must come first.

If Bryan eventually decides to leave American Idol, the show will undoubtedly suffer a significant loss. He has played an important role in the show’s success as a popular and exceptionally talented judge. However, it makes sense that he would want to turn his attention to his music career and his family’s well-being. 

Is Luke Bryan Leaving American Idol?

Luke Bryan, the beloved judge on American Idol, has not made an official announcement regarding his departure from the show. Recently, though, he indicated that he was open to the idea of leaving.

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Bryan admitted in an interview at Country Thunder in Arizona that he is unsure of the timeline for any decisions. He admitted that he was enjoying himself on American Idol, but he also recognized how difficult it was to manage his obligations while being away from home.

Is Luke Bryan Quitting American Idol What is the reason for Luke Bryan's departure
Is Luke Bryan Quitting American Idol? What is the reason for Luke Bryan’s departure?

Regardless of the outcome, Bryan’s possible departure from American Idol would undoubtedly leave a void. His popularity and contributions have left an indelible imprint on the show’s journey, shaping it and enthralling audiences along the way.

Luke Bryan defended Katy Perry

Katy Perry has faced a lot of criticism this season on American Idol (she was accused of mom shaming by a contestant who left the show), and fellow judge Luke Bryan is defending her. 

Luke remarked about Katy, saying that she was being ridiculed for going out and trying to have fun while being on a TV show. You cannot be so safe at the moment that you are too homogenized to crack a joke. Or have a good time.

Sometimes you just have to say something […] It makes me appreciate her even more because of how large a scale she has had to deal with her entire career.”

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