Is Liza Lapira leaving The Equalizer? It looks like The Equalizer is about to make another devastating exit.

Fans of CBS’s The Equalizer are eagerly anticipating Season 5 and wondering which cast members will return. After the events of the Season 4 finale, fans are concerned about a beloved character and want to know if Mel Bayani is leaving The Equalizer. Here’s everything we know about Mel’s fate on the show.

Is Liza Lapira leaving The Equalizer? 

Liza has not confirmed that she is leaving The Equalizer.

Although it is unclear if Liza Lapira’s character Melody “Mel” Bayani will be back for Season 5, the Season 4 finale featured the fan-favorite choosing to put her healing process ahead of equalizing.

Although CBS has officially returned, only Queen Latifah’s official return has been verified. Liza Lapira has not indicated that she intends to leave the program. Fans, however, responded on social media to her character’s leave of absence.

One of the fans wrote, “I need answers!!” next to a picture the actress shared on Instagram before the show’s finale. You guys can’t leave the show?!? You just can’t!!!” Another one added: “Liza!!! Please stay in Equalizer. You have done a fantastic job! Keep rising, Liza!!!

Mel isn’t the only character fans are worried about. In the Season 4 finale, Robyn was devastated to learn that NYPD Detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles) had accepted a job transfer to Los Angeles. Although Kittles’ character will no longer be in New York City, he doesn’t appear to be leaving the show.

Is Liza Lapira leaving The Equalizer
Liza Lapira

In an interview, the actor revealed his hopes for Season 5. We have discussed a few topics that we can discuss further. Joe Wilson, our showrunner, is such a great collaborator. “We’re going to push the envelope, and we’re going to continue to open up the scope of the show.

We understand that millions of people are listening to this show from all over the world. We want to continue to ride that wave and give audiences what they want.

The Equalizer season 5 release date

The new season’s official premiere date has not yet been disclosed. The new episodes, according to CBS, will debut on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

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