Is Hondo leaving SWAT? Unraveling the Speculations and Clarifying the Future of SWAT

Recently, there have been murmurs about the future of the hit TV series “SWAT” and its lead actor, Shemar Moore, who portrays Sgt. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. Fans have been eager to know whether the talented actor is indeed leaving the show that has garnered a massive following since its launch in 2017.

In this exploration, we delve into the rumors and seek to uncover the truth behind the speculations surrounding Shemar Moore’s potential departure from “SWAT.” Let’s find out if there is any substance to these claims or if they are merely products of unfounded gossip.

Is Hondo leaving SWAT?

No, Hondo is not leaving SWAT. Fans of S.W.A.T. can sigh with relief as Shemar Moore’s impending departure from the show has not yet been officially announced by the network or by Shemar Moore himself. Shemar actively advertises the show on social media, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to and enthusiasm for the undertaking. 

Understandably, fans might still be concerned about the overall future of the show even though Shemar’s dedication to S.W.A.T. remains unwavering. Uncertainties could include potential adjustments to the cast, production, or plot, as with any television program.

Shemar Moore’s Diverse Entertainment Journey

Shemar Moore is a renowned American actor and former fashion model, born on April 20, 1970, in Oakland, California. His journey in the entertainment industry began as a fashion model, gracing various print and television advertisements while working in Europe.

Shemar Moore gained widespread recognition for his role as Malcolm Winters in the popular soap opera “The Young and the Restless,” captivating audiences with his talent and charisma.

This role opened doors for him, and in 2005, he landed one of his most iconic characters to date – Derek Morgan, an FBI special agent, and profiler, in the crime drama series “Criminal Minds.” Throughout his 11-season stint on the show, Moore became a beloved figure in the hearts of fans.

Beyond television, Shemar Moore has also made appearances in several notable films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. 

Why did the speculation look so real?

When CBS announced the cancellation of the series “SWAT,” starring Shemar Moore as LAPD Sgt. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, a day before the actor took to social media to express his disappointment in how the decision was handled.

Despite the show’s growing total audience and strong performance on Friday nights, the network decided not to renew it after its season six finale airs on May 19.

Moore, the only African American male lead on broadcast television, criticized the lack of diversity in CBS’s programming and expressed hope that the series could continue. He believes there were politics and licensing fees involved in the decision.

Executive producer Shawn Ryan previously mentioned that the show’s renewal was uncertain due to changes in the economics of the industry. Fans and viewers are rallying behind the show in the hope that CBS will reconsider its decision.

Other CBS shows featuring performers of color in main cast roles, like “The Neighborhood” and “The Equalizer,” have been previously renewed.

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Hondo on SWAT – FAQs

Why SWAT was canceled?

A “flat license fee that would compromise the show’s financial model” was the reason CBS canceled “S.W.A.T.” on Friday, according to a report from Deadline. Although the company claimed it was purely a financial decision, viewers and the actors of the show claimed it did not make sense given that the program has consistently ranked No.

Does Hondo become the 20 squad leader again?

A dangerous case involving a sizable cash stash and the Russian mob is taken up by the team under the leadership of Hondo, who has returned; Daniel Sr.

Will Hondo be in season 7?

Yes, SWAT Season 7 Cast are Shemar Moore, who has played Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson since the beginning of the series, will undoubtedly return in that capacity. Alongside him, viewers can anticipate seeing longtime co-stars Alex Russell, who will return to the role of Officer Jim Street, and Kenny Johnson, who will play Dominique Luca.

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