Is Fatima Leaving Sistas? Unraveling the Shocking Twists and Upcoming Spin-Off Drama in Zatima

Sistas fans have been wondering about the most shocking news that can ever come up with.

Well, don’t believe everything you read. But is it true? Is Fatima leaving Sistas? More importantly, after revealing the true identity of the baby daddy, What will Fatima do? Well, that’s an interesting question.

Let’s get to know more about it and we have some exciting news for fans of Sistas, about the upcoming Spin-off series starring everyone’s favorite couple #Zatima.

What happened to Fatima on Sistas?

Viewers are not yet able to wrap their heads around the fact, that Fatima has a child.

Is this why she has been relatively forgiving of Zac’s many potential offspring? Because she has been keeping her own secret all these years? At the risk of being overly histrionic, this could genuinely alter the course of history.

Who plays Fatima in Sistas?

Crystal Hayslett debuted as Fatima on Sistas in 2019 as a recurring guest actor and has since been promoted to a series regular, due to her immense popularity amongst fans.

Before joining the team, she designed costumes for a number of films, including Boo! A Madea Halloween and its sequel; Too Close to Home; The Paynes; and A Madea Family Funeral.

In 2011, she made her acting debut in the short film This Time by Matthew Cherry.

Is Fatima leaving Sistas?

No, Fatima, Crystal Hayslett is not leaving Sistas, in fact, they are working on a spin-off series Zatima. SO fans will get to see even more of their favorite couple scenes together.

Sistas Current Storyline:

Karen insisted that she would appear at Fatima’s office and shoot her. You know Fatima, she eagerly accepted the challenge, and then Zac finally got the phone to attempt to calm Karen down.

Karen stated that all she wanted from him was for him to leave her alone and not worry about caring for their child. This time, Zac failed to react to her because he was over it and he assumed that her behavior was fueled by her aggressive hormones.

Obviously, the lack of response infuriated her further, so she sent an email confirming that Zac is in fact the father of Karen’s child.

Then she arrives at work and shoots Fatima. This is the midseason finale, so there will be a touch of suspense.

Sista’s Finale Plot:

As disclosed in the finale trailer, this #Zatima drama is just one of several silly plotlines currently in play.

Who is this woman who claims to be Aaron’s companion? Or perhaps “John”? Moreover, would Que actually fire Maurice?  Que is a horrible person; he would naturally murder Maurice. Let’s see!

What happened in Sistas?

The March 1 episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas shocked viewers by introducing a man who claimed to be Fatima’s son’s father.

However, he could have lied, right? This is the response Zac desired when he awkwardly confronted the mysterious man this week.

Fatima’s Next Adventure: A Spin-off Series:

Tyler Perry Studios’ 10-episode, one-hour series will feature Devale Ellis and Crystal Renee Hayslett reprising their roles as Zac and Fatima, respectively.

Is Fatima Leaving Sistas? Unraveling the Shocking Twists and Upcoming Spin-Off Drama in Zatima
Is Fatima Leaving Sistas?

The announcement of Zatima arrives just weeks before the December 22 season finale of Sistas.

What is Zatima?

It is a popular drama series with even more popular characters including Zac played by Devale Ellis and Fatima played by Crystal Renee Hayslett, who navigate the ups and downs of their relationship in Tyler Perry’s Zatima.

The 10-episode series is BET+’s second spin-off from a top-rated Tyler Perry linear series, following The Oval’s spin-off Ruthless.

Who will be the cast of the upcoming spin-off Zatima?

The BET+ and Tyler Perry Studios’ upcoming series Zatima, a spinoff of Sistas, has added six new cast members prior to its premiere on September 29.

Cameron Fuller, Remington Hoffman, and Nzinga Imani tend to be new series regulars, and Jasmin Brown, Guyviaud Joseph, and Danielle LaRoche are recurring cast members.

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