Is Dana Perino leaving ‘The Five’? What is Fox employee Dana Perino paid? 

Perino co-hosts the talk show The Five on Fox News in addition to her role as a political analyst.

On May 19, 2024, Meta authorized and took payment for at least one advertisement that was shown to users of Facebook and Instagram, purporting that Dana Perino, the former press secretary for US President George W. Bush, had announced her resignation from her position as co-host of the Fox News TV program “The Five.”

The advertisement that was displayed to Facebook users in the right column said, “It is Official: We Say Farewell To Dana Perino.” “A sad end to a brilliant career” was another phrase found in an alternate version of the advertisement that was shown in users’ news feeds. 

An article on was the result of the advertisements. The link was redirected to after passing via

“Dana Perino Leaves ‘The Five’ and Sparks a Major Lawsuit Against Fox: Her Response on Air,” was the headline of the article. The narrative claims that Perino invented Fortin CBD Gummies, a product that can “reverse dementia.” There were allegedly “tensions” between Fox News host Sean Hannity and the product because it did not work with the show’s sponsors.

In this article, we will discuss whether Dana is leaving the show or if this is a scam.

Is Dana Perino leaving ‘The Five’?

No, Perino was not leaving The Five.

She has no involvement with CBD gummies. The article was a scam, and it was untrue.

The article on was created by scammers to mimic the style of writing on the official Fox News website. Put differently, their aim was to deceive readers into thinking they were viewing a piece on The scam article began as follows:

(Fox) – The well-known former press secretary for the White House, political analyst, and businesswoman Dana Perino revealed in an exclusive interview that she would be leaving “The Five” because of recent conflicts with Sean Hannity brought on by her most recent business endeavor.

Is Dana Perino leaving ‘The Five’
Dana Perino

Popular conservative host Dana Perino made headlines when she revealed her new CBD line live on “The Five,” amid a contentious episode. Furious, Sean Hannity declared he would bring a lawsuit against Fox and Dana Perino for allegedly breaking his contract and scaring away sponsors.  

What does Dana Perino get paid on Fox?

Fox News has struck a 4-year deal with Dana Perino that is worth over $52 million, with an annual salary of $13 million.

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