Is Becky Lynch leaving WWE? She wants equal pay for women

With RAW and SmackDown having a great month, WWE’s momentum is continuing to rise. The King and Queen of the Ring tournaments increased the program’s stakes before the associated event.

Going forward, June seems to be a good month for WWE. As the journey to SummerSlam continues, Glasgow, Scotland, will be the source of Clash at the Castle. Expect things to get even bigger with a couple of returns and twists. And potentially an unfortunate departure, too.

Is Becky Lynch leaving WWE?

Yes, Becky Lynch leaves WWE following RAW.

Nevertheless, one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE history is Becky Lynch. 

To date, Becky Lynch has not re-signed with WWE. She has one week left on her contract, so things will stay unclear for the time being. Many indications point to The Man’s departure, particularly because The Man lost the Women’s World Championship to Liv Morgan on Saturday.

Having seen and done it all in WWE, Lynch has been going at it with a relentless schedule. The seven-time Women’s Champion may decide to spend some more time with her daughter Roux during an extended break from the ring.

For now, Becky Lynch’s match against Morgan might be her last one. That does not mean, though, that she will not make a return in the future. But, for now, Monday could spell the end of Big Time Becks in WWE.

However, what’s worth noticing is that Becky Lynch’s contract with WWE is set to expire in June 2024. In 2021, she signed a 3-year deal with WWE, which is set to expire in June. There have also been no reports of her renegotiating her contract with WWE.

Becky Lynch recently changed her display name to Rebecca Quin and removed her verification badge. 

What did Becky Lynch say about her contract?

In an interview with Adam Silverstein on Getting Over, Lynch opened up about her WWE contract expiration. The former WWE Women’s Champion stated that no one has questioned her about it.

Is Becky Lynch leaving WWE
Becky Lynch

So what does that mean? Becky Lynch has kept all her options open before deciding her future. Lynch has also made several connections in Hollywood, and she was even once slated to be part of a Marvel movie.

Lynch wants WWE to enhance its storytelling with feuds that do not center around a championship, in addition to signing a new deal.

Lynch stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated that she would like to see more high-profile non-title matches scheduled for the women’s division of the WWE. No title is necessary for me. I create the title; the title does not make me.

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