Is Angie leaving Will Trent? The future of Christensen’s character explained

Will Trent’s Season 2 finale raise concerns about Erika Christensen’s future as Angie Polaski?

Angie has been collaborating with the Atlanta Police Department since the premiere of the series in 2023, adding humor and lightness to the darkness. Her relationship with Ramón Rodriguez’s Will Trent has also been on and off, though it could be jeopardized after recent events.

In an interview, co-showrunner Liz Heldens spoke in depth about what Crystal (Chapel Elizabeth Oaks) brought to the story and how the character complicated Angie and Will’s relationship. Heldens co-wrote and directed the ABC finale in addition to being the showrunner alongside Daniel T. Thomsen.

Is Angie leaving Will Trent? 

Angie is presumably headed to prison.

Will Trent’s season two episode 10 threw a bomb on Will and Angie’s relationship, causing Erika Christensen’s character to wonder whether she will remain.

Considering that Angie is now incarcerated, some viewers wonder if she will be departing the show. However, considering the creators’ vision, it seems unlikely that Erika Christensen will leave Will Trent after Season 2.

According to Daniel Thomsen, there are several options being explored for Angie’s future. Thomsen stated that his team wants to investigate the difficulties police officers encounter during the trial through Angie’s story.

When Will Trent returns for a third season, Erika Christensen will play a crucial part.

What Will’s Departure And Angie’s Arrest Signify For Season 3

There’s no happy ending for anyone in Season 2.

Who knew that this is where we would end up when Season 2 premiered, dropping subtle Marvel jokes with Clark Gregg as a guest star? With Angie most likely going to jail and Will leaving without saying goodbye on screen, the Season 2 finale left viewers with more questions than answers.

Is Angie leaving Will Trent

Even though there seems to be a lot of evidence against her if Will is nowhere to be found, could the case against her be dismissed without his testimony? Will Ormewood, of all people, serve as the anchor for every single APD story in Season 3? And since there is no way the program bearing his name could function without him for very long, what will bring Will back?

We are not sure how Season 3 will deal with these problems and move on without things looking drastically different unless there is a time jump where everything gets fixed off-screen and back to normal.

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