Drew Carey might leave ‘The Price is Right’ after ex-girlfriend dies tragically

Drew has been hosting the game show every weekday since 2007, but there have recently been unconfirmed rumors that he might be leaving.

Drew Carey: Who is he?

The actor, comedian, and television host Drew Carey hails from the United States. On May 23, 1958, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Carey first gained prominence as a stand-up comedian and later transitioned into television.

As the host of the American improv comedy program “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” Carey has played one of her most notable roles. With Carey as the host, the British program, which had its debut in the United Kingdom, enjoyed tremendous success in the US. He served as the show’s host from 1998 to 2007, and he did so once more in 2013 when it was brought back.

Drew Carey has appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as “Geppetto,” “The Aristocrats,” and “Community,” in addition to his work in television. Additionally, he has taken part in numerous philanthropic and charitable activities.

His dry wit and improvisational abilities are frequently used to describe Drew Carey’s comedic style. He has had a long-lasting influence on comedy and television and has been a well-known figure in the entertainment industry for many years.

Is Drew Carey Leaving ‘The Price is Right’?

No decision has been made regarding Drew Carey’s future with “The Price is Right.” The National Enquirer, a tabloid magazine renowned for publishing sensational and frequently unreliable stories, was the source of rumors about his potential departure.

Drew Carey might leave ‘The Price is Right’ after ex-girlfriend dies tragically
Is Drew Carey leaving Price is Right?

The National Enquirer reported that Drew is planning to leave the show, even though he has not publicly declared his intentions regarding his future on the program. Following a tragic incident in Drew’s personal life, this news has been released.

The murder of his ex-fiancée, Amie Harwick

Amie allegedly had an ex-boyfriend push her off the balcony of her apartment, tragically ending her life. Drew has been deeply affected by this terrible loss and a source who wishes to remain unnamed claims that he is presently going through a very trying time.

Drew expressed his deep sorrow over her untimely passing, praising their extraordinary love for one another and highlighting Amie’s positive contributions to society as a therapist and supporter of women. 

Why Drew Carey might leave The Price is Right Show?

The source claims that Drew has thought about quitting his job as “The Price is Right” host as well as the entertainment business entirely in light of the tragic incident.

Instead, as a tribute to Amie’s life, he is reportedly thinking about devoting his future work to initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness of and combating domestic violence.

It is important to note that The National Enquirer’s credibility has been questioned by Gossip Cop, a website that verifies celebrity news.

The National Enquirer has come under fire from Gossip Cop for misreporting information in the past, including claims that Tom Selleck would leave the television series “Blue Bloods” due to his health, and for capitalizing on tragedies like Drew Carey’s.

Has Drew Carey made any announcements?

Drew Carey has not made any official announcements or confirmations, despite rumors that he might be leaving “The Price is Right.”

The National Enquirer, which has a reputation for publishing dubious stories, provided the reports on which the information currently in circulation is based. It is unclear what Drew’s future holds or whether he will continue to play a part in the well-known game show.

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Drew Carey leaving Price is Right – FAQs

Is Drew Carey still the MC of Price is Right?

Later on, he made appearances in several movies, TV shows, music videos, made-for-TV movies, computer games, and other media. Since October 15, 2007, Carey has presided over CBS’ The Price Is Right game show.

Did Drew Carey get hurt on The Price is Right?

During a round of the “Grocery Game” in 2007, Carey got his arm caught on a rotating object, and in 2014, Judy, a competitor, slipped and sprained her ankle while spinning the wheel. 

Why did Drew leave Whose Line?

He departed as a result of the show’s temporary cancellation. When they finally managed to revive it, he had already started working on other things.

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