Does Laura get fired from Below Deck Down Under? Laura and Luke’s Inappropriate Behavior Explained

The Below Deck franchise is no stranger to crew members being let go, and Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under is no exception.

Laura Bileskane and Luke Jones both got in trouble due to their inappropriate misconduct towards their fellow crew members. Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

Does Laura get fired from Below Deck Down Under?

Yes, Laura and Luke have both been fired from the show due to their inappropriate misconduct towards their fellow crew members. Here’s a breakdown of what led to their terminations.

Luke Jones’ Firing: Unconsented Sexual Advances

Bosun Luke Jones’ firing stemmed from a disturbing incident involving Stewardess Margot Sisson. Margot was asleep in her bed when Luke entered her room completely naked and climbed into her bed without her consent.

The uncomfortable situation was further exacerbated when a producer tried to intervene and remove Luke from Margot’s bed. Luke responded by using explicit language toward the producer and closing the door on the camera.

Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott stepped in to address the situation. She asked Margot if she had consented to Luke being in her bed, to which Margot replied, “No, I was asleep.” Captain Jason Chambers took charge of the matter, and Luke locked himself in his room.

However, Jason used a spare key to unlock the room and instructed Luke to leave the boat immediately. Luke briefly returned to collect his belongings before departing.

Laura Bileskane’s Firing: Ignoring Lack of Consent

Stewardess Laura Bileskane’s termination followed a series of inappropriate actions towards her co-stars.

Laura got into the hot tub with Deckhand Adam Kodra and began touching his legs, despite his clear vocalization of “no.”

Later, she entered Adam’s bedroom, got into his bed, and attempted to massage him without his consent. The producers had to step in on multiple occasions to address her behavior.

Does Laura get fired from Below Deck Down Under? Laura and Luke's Inappropriate Behavior Explained
Does Laura get fired from Below Deck Down Under?

Laura’s actions didn’t stop there. After Luke’s firing, she tried to manipulate the situation by telling Margot that Luke was probably joking around with her.

Margot reported this to Aesha, who escalated the matter to Captain Jason. Recognizing the inappropriate conduct, Jason promptly fired Laura, ending her journey on the show.

Viewer Reactions and Future of the Show

Viewers will witness the aftermath of these firings as the season progresses. The departures of Laura and Luke have undoubtedly stirred up emotions among the crew and fans alike.

As the crew navigates the challenges of running the superyacht without them, viewers will be eager to see if any more crew members will face similar consequences.

The Below Deck franchise continues to showcase the real-life dynamics and challenges of working in the yachting industry.

As each season unfolds, it offers an unfiltered glimpse into the highs and lows of life on the water, often resulting in unexpected twists and turns that keep audiences hooked.

Lessons Learned

The firings of Laura and Luke in Below Deck Down Under Season 2 serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism and respecting boundaries in a high-stress and close-quarter environment.

Their actions not only affected their positions but also impacted the dynamics of the entire crew.

As viewers follow the remainder of the season, they’ll witness how the crew adapts to these changes and continues to provide the top-notch service and entertainment that the Below Deck franchise is known for.

From unexpected firings to personal growth, the journey promises to be filled with challenges, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on the high seas.

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Below Deck Down Under – FAQs

Why did Luke get fired Below Deck Down Under?

Following an incident in which Luke Jones entered Stew Margot Sisson’s bed while she was intoxicated and unconscious, he was fired.

Additionally, despite Adam Kodra, a deckhand, telling Laura Bileskaine that he was not interested in hooking up, she made unwanted advances. Jason warned them that their permission was required and ordered them to leave.

Who gets fired from Below Deck Down Under Season 2?

In Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Episode 7, “The Turnover Day,” Bosun Luke Jones was let go after getting in bed with Third Stewardess Margot Sisson while she was fast asleep and getting wasted at a crew night out.

Does the chef get replaced on Below Deck Down Under?

After failing to deliver food that pleased both his boss and the diners in June 2022, the chef was fired. Ryan flashed the boat from the dock as he left, making a memorable entrance.

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