Does Deacon Leave SWAT? Explosive Rumors Hint at a Dramatic Exit

Hondo started his career at the Los Angeles Police Department as a senior lead officer on Sergeant Buck Spivey’s (Louis Ferreira) SWAT Team, which debuted in 2017. S.W.A.T. was canceled by CBS after six seasons, two weeks before the season finale on May 19.

Then, a few days later, it was given a seventh season, proving that it was not, after all, canceled.

Luca will surpass Deacon for promotion in SWAT season 5, according to a shocking new fan theory

After the shocking finale of SWAT season four, fans have developed some intriguing new theories ahead of the anticipated season five premiere later this year.

The shocking conclusion of CBS’ procedural drama’s fourth season came with the announcement that Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) would be demoted.

Fans of SWAT were left wondering which police officer would take his place, and some have come up with some intriguing theories for the upcoming season.

Hondo had grown up in the neighborhood where he worked and was familiar with everyone there. As a result, the locals respected him and were generally willing to give him the information he needed to solve a case. Because of his sharp intuition, Hondo was also well-liked by his superiors and coworkers.

At the Los Angeles Police Department, he rose to the status of a valued employee. When Deacon was fired for unintentionally shooting an unarmed black teenager during a shootout, Hondo received an unexpected promotion to S.W.A.T. Sergeant.

He strongly exhorted his team to rely on respect and communication rather than excessive force and aggression in his capacity as the newly promoted leader. However, his loyalty to the neighborhoods where he was raised has conflicted with his obligations as an officer. Hondo was demoted in season four despite this because of his behavior.

Does Deacon leave SWAT?

Deacon did not depart from SWAT, though. He is likely to return for season 6 with a very high probability. In the epilogue, Hondo addressed the media and made the LAPD’s racism public. He also made it clear that the internal investigations had been intentionally flawed.

Does Deacon Leave SWAT Explosive Rumors Hint at a Dramatic Exit
Does Deacon Leave SWAT? Explosive Rumors Hint at a Dramatic Exit

After he said this, a group of radical anti-police individuals detonated a bomb inside the LAPD’s main office. Among the bombers, one went by the name Kevin Hillard (W. Tre Davis) and was unaffected by the arrests of the racist police officers.

Who is in the SWAT season 6 cast?

Lina Esco, who played Christina “Chris” Alonso for five seasons, announced her departure from SWAT just days after the season 5 finale.

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Other than Esco, the remaining main characters are anticipated to return for season 6. Jay Harrington as David “Deacon” Kay is one of them.

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Deacon on S.W.A.T – FAQs

In what episode does Deacon leave SWAT?

S.W.A.T., Episode 4 of Season 3.

Is Deacon in season 5 of SWAT?

Following a string of deadly explosions at oil derricks throughout Los Angeles, SWAT joins forces to find a former activist who has turned terrorist. A former drug dealer who Deacon and his wife Annie believe was imprisoned for a murder he did not commit is also being freed by Deacon and Annie.

Does Deacon lose his job in SWAT?

Deacon was passed over for promotion to team leader at the beginning of the series after Sergeant Buck Spivey was fired in favor of Hondo despite Deacon’s seniority in a clear attempt to defuse tensions between the community and the LAPD.

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