Did Brawadis and Jasmine break up? Let’s find out

Brandon Awadis, often acknowledged as Brawadis in the vast realms of YouTube, has amassed an astonishing 4.8 million subscribers, forging a path distinct from being merely FaZe Rug’s sibling.

Embarking on this journey in April 2015, this 25-year-old fan of basketball has unfurled approximately 1,500 videos, illustrating the breadth of his creative endeavours.

Brandon prominently showcased his relationship with Jackie Figuera in the nascent stages of his vlogging odyssey.

Their bond remained an integral element of his content, even after they parted ways in 2017. Yet, fate took a curious turn in August 2020 when Brandon released a notably popular video imploring Jackie to rekindle their romantic ties.

A premise that ensnared the sentiments of some viewers, only to unveil Jackie’s contrasting stance, leaving them perplexed.

Unveiling the intricacies that led to their initial separation, the audience stands on the precipice of revelation, oscillating between the prospects of a rekindled romance or a resolute and final parting of ways.

The enigmatic saga continues, leaving spectators grappling with its unpredictable twists and turns.

About Brawadis

He goes by the name Brandon Awadis. He was raised in San Diego, California, a city without an NBA team. From 2015 until 2017, he was dating Jackie Figueroa.

Mama Rug and Papa Rug, his parents, have appeared in some of his videos. In a YouTube video from March 2023, he introduced his parents to his girlfriend, Jasmine, whom he had started dating in 2022.

Aspiring NBA analyst who passionately follows the Phoenix Suns basketball club and blogs for VAVEL as the Phoenix Suns club Manager. The number of subscribers to his Brawadis YouTube channel exceeds 6 million.

He had set up a Vine account in the first year of the app’s existence, but he never really posted videos regularly. He didn’t start YouTube until April 2015.

He is the brother of FaZe Rug, and on his YouTube channel, he has featured Rug in many various kinds of videos.

Did Brawadis and Jasmine break up?

They did not split up; in fact, they are still together as of late. Before Brandon attempted to reconcile with Jackie more than two years later, he addressed their breakup: “We broke up. it’s over.”

Did Brawadis and Jasmine break up? Let's find out
Did Brawadis and Jasmine break up?

As a result of Brandon’s recent breakup prank with Jackie, many were dubious when he first shared the video in November of 2017.

Was there a particular incident or circumstance that contributed to this breakup? The vlogger answered, “No. He affirmed that there was no infidelity or turmoil before they chose to end their relationship.

For the benefit of their fans, Brandon and Jackie did make an effort to resolve their differences, but, according to him, it ultimately wasn’t enough.

He acknowledged that they ought to have broken up months ago, but they were really worried about upsetting Brandon’s subscribers.

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