Contract Negotiation Breakdown: What happened to Dan and Jake on The Ticket?

In a surprising turn of events, the airwaves of The Ticket are experiencing a major shake-up regarding popular hosts, Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp. After weeks of speculation and rumors, about the duo’s departure from the station, citing failed contract negotiations with Cumulus Media.

What happened to Dan and Jake on The Ticket?

Following quite a while of hypothesis and tales, Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp, the famous hosts of The Pass’ late morning show, The Hang Zone, have formally reported their takeoff from the station. The pair took to YouTube to share the news, uncovering that they couldn’t agree on new agreements with station proprietor Cumulus Media.

A Friendly Goodbye: Making Sense of the Flight

In the candid video, Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp talked about the purposes of their flight. Their contracts had run out, and they were unable to agree on terms with Cumulus Media through negotiations.

While the particulars of their likely arrangements were not definite, they communicated a longing to investigate new open doors beyond The Ticket and media interests.

A Journey with The Ticket Comes to an End 

Dan McDowell hosted The Ticket’s midday show for an impressive 21 years, beginning with Bob Sturm’s BaD Radio show.

Jake Kemp joined The Ticket in 2006 and later turned into McDowell’s co-have in 2020, denoting the start of The Hang Zone show. The era of The Ticket’s midday programming has come to an end with their departure.

Speculation and Support: A Mix of Emotions

During the week leading up to the announcement, rumors and speculation surrounded McDowell and Kemp’s absence from their regular time slot.

Contract Negotiation Breakdown: What happened to Dan and Jake on The Ticket?
What happened to Dan and Jake on The Ticket?

Partners and fans enthusiastically anticipated refreshes, while the board and co-has tended to the circumstance with persistence and understanding. The duo’s final goodbye video provided listeners and devoted fans with clarity.

The Ticket Pushes Ahead: Making Up for the Shortfall

As Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp bid goodbye, The Ticket’s program chief, Jeff Catlin, will start the quest for hosts to occupy the cleared time allotment.

The takeoff of the famous hosts makes certain to carry changes to The Hang Zone, and fans will be interested to see who will step into the late-morning show.

A Tribute to The Ticket’s Legacy

The fresh insight about McDowell and Kemp’s leave comes soon after the retirement declaration of Texas Radio station Broadcast Hall of Fame host has, Norm Hitzges.

A new chapter in The Ticket’s broadcasting history begins with these notable departures. As the station proceeds to adjust and advance, fans stay unflinching in their help and enthusiastically anticipate what’s in store for The Ticket.

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Jake and Dan – FAQs

Why did Jake and Dan leave the ticket?

Talks between Dan and Jake about pursuing competing digital media projects outside of a Cumulus Media partnership fell through.

Where does Dan McDowell live?

Currently, McDowell resides in Southlake, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, along with his wife Kathy and two daughters, Eva (20–21) and Eden (19).

What happened to the hang zone?

The two were fired “after being unable to reach terms of new long-term employment agreements for the hosting of the 12n-3 pm [sic] time slot,” according to the memo that made the announcement. The memo states: “Dan and Jake both resigned their positions effective July 17, 2023.”

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