Why is Tracy Spiridakos leaving Chicago P.D.?

The television realm is filled with the metamorphosis of actors into their iconic roles. They become one with these charismatic characters and the spectators are anxious to know more.

It was a tough decision for Tracy Spiridakos, a young and talented actress who’s known for her versatile roles. She has been teasing fans with many roles that fill in their screens and captivate their minds.”

Chicago P.D”, which has become the center of attention of the public. With a career that spans Tracy Spiridakos has had an impressive career journey, from being discovered to her numerous best small roles and why she left “Chicago P.D.”

Who is Tracy Spiridakos?

Tracy Spiridakos is the Canadian actress who chose to use her stage name instead of her birth name Panaiota Spiridakos in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Such a famous actress is regarded for her roles in television and movies, where she first debuted in 2007. Recognition for her portrayal of Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson on the NBC TV series “Revolution” in a frame of a short televised appearance of just two years led her to the Saturn Award nomination for the Best Actress on TV.

Tracy Spiridakos
Tracy Spiridakos Leaves Chicago P.D.

She was born a Greek girl and certainly sheorously emphasizes the fact of her Greek heritage and goes as far as to speak in fluent Greek.

Tracy also had the role of Karen and Ripped person in Bates Motel Episodes Being Human in early 2017 he was joined by Chicago P.D police as detective Hailey Upton (initially a recurring role and then as main cast between seasons 5-11).

In the films “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) and “Kill for Me” (2013), she has been featured as the main actor.

Why is Tracy Spiridakos leaving Chicago P.D.?

Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Ms. Hailey Upton on Chicago Police Department, has announced her departure from the show.

Why is Tracy Spiridakos leaving Chicago P.D
Why is Tracy Spiridakos leaving Chicago P.D

The show’s creative, gave her the entire season, enabling the conclusion of her character’s storyline and the proper production. Upton’s departure comes as a surprise after Jesse Lee Soffer left in Season 10.

It is unclear in the narration why Upton’s character will be departing, though it appears that her character will experience tremendous growth and significant life transformations in Season Eleven of the show.

Her one-time marriage with Detective Haley and Jesse Lee Soffer ended, accelerating a process that was already causing equilibrium problems.

The episode will be an emotional journey for Upton showing how she deals with the outcome. It will also give the audience the chance to see different characters she will be interacting with in the future.

In sum, a melange of press releases, blog posts, interviews, and social media postings are targeted to buffer viewers on the background of Upton’s journey.

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