Why is Matpat leaving YouTube? YouTube Icon Steps Back, Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Famous YouTuber MatPat, the brains behind channels including Game Theory, Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory, made a poignant declaration about his choice to step away from actively creating content on the platform.

For years, audiences have been enthralled with Matthew Robert Patrick, also referred to as MatPat, and his spouse Stephanie for their insightful and enjoyable examination of video games, movies, cuisine, and clothing.

This article discusses MatPat’s motivations for leaving, his important contributions to online content, and his legacy as the two get ready to step back from the spotlight.

Come along as we say goodbye to a YouTube icon and examine the creative process of The Game Theorists.

Why is Matpat leaving YouTube
MatPat prepares for YouTube retirement.

Who is MatPat?

Matthew Robert Patrick, better known online as MatPat is a well-known American YouTuber and personality.

MatPat, who was born on November 15, 1986, became well-known on YouTube for producing hit shows including Style Theory, Game Theory, Film Theory, and Food Theory.

He examines and evaluates many facets of video games, movies, TV shows, cuisine, and fashion in these series.

MatPat and his wife, Stephanie began their Game Theory series in 2011. His intensely edited, quick-cut clips exploring game lore remain among the most well-known and long-lasting content on the website.

They have also spawned several affiliated channels with a combined viewership of more than 40 million.

MatPat prepares for YouTube retirement.
MatPat prepares for YouTube retirement

Outside of the platform, YouTube’s most renowned and enthralling creative personalities are Patrick and his spouse, Stephanie, who holds the position of COO.

Despite this, Patrick plans to continue contributing to the back end of the company’s content production and even appear on its other channels.

As of September 2023, MatPat has over 40 million subscribers and 8 billion views across all of his channels, demonstrating the breadth of his fan base and level of popularity.

Along with hosting MatPat’s Game Lab and the 2023 Streamy Awards, he also founded channels such as GTLive. MatPat announced on January 9, 2024, that he would be retiring from hosting these channels on March 9, 2024.

Nevertheless, he will still be appearing on GTLive through the end of the summer.

Why is Matpat leaving YouTube?

For personal reasons, MatPat is leaving YouTube to spend more time with his family, which includes his son Ali.

In an emotional video that he just posted on YouTube under the title “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat stated that he was retiring in order to spend more time with his family, particularly his son Ali, and for personal reasons.

Additionally, he disclosed that both he and his spouse, Steph, who co-managed the channel, were aware that they would someday retire and would not want to continue uploading so frequently that their family would come last and their business would come first.

However, MatPat later disclosed that nine additional theory videos will be hosted by The Game Theorists channel and its spin-off channels, Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory, over the next ten weeks, until March 9, at which point he will upload his final video, titled MatPat’s Final Theory.

Has MatPat quit YouTube and The Game Theorists?

MatPat has not yet departed YouTube as of this writing. After March 9, when he uploads his farewell video, “MatPat’s Final Theory,” he will retire. He will still have some creative involvement with the channels, though.

Following the final video’s release, MatPat will essentially step down from active YouTube and give important members of his content-creation team command of all four channels—The Game Theorists, Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory.

MatPat will, however, continue to perform directing and creative duties on a supporting basis.

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