Why is David leaving Emmerdale? Will he come back?

In the enduring British soap opera Emmerdale, actor Matthew Wolfenden plays a key role as David Metcalfe. The lives of the other characters and the fictional town have been profoundly touched by his participation in the program.

The emotions and connections between David, Jacob, and Victoria have become key to the plot as fans prepare for his impending departure after almost two decades on the show.

This has left the audience curious to see how his leave will play out and why he’s departing the show. Read the below article to know the exact cause.

Who is David Metcalfe?

One of the most well-known characters from the enduring British soap drama Emmerdale is David Metcalfe. He is portrayed by actor Matthew Wolfenden, and over the show’s remarkable 17-year existence, he has played a crucial role.

David Metcalfe’s role has grown significantly in the Emmerdale universe and is now a mainstay of the show. Both the fictitious town and the lives of the other characters have been profoundly impacted by his presence.

Fans of the program may already be aware that David Metcalfe’s journey is only one example of how characters in soap operas come and go frequently.

Viewers are excited to watch how his departure will be planned since they are anticipating his upcoming departure.

As the storyline continues to unfold, fans eagerly await the emotional farewell of a character who has been a central figure on the show for nearly two decades.

The intricate emotions and relationships that have developed between David, Jacob, and Victoria leave the audience with a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Why is David leaving Emmerdale?

When talking about his departure from the British serial drama Emmerdale, Matthew Wolfenden—best known for playing David Metcalfe—became upset. After 18 years, the 43-year-old actor decided to leave the series to concentrate on his upcoming endeavor.

He will co-star with Will Ferrell in the most recent production of the musical based on the 2003 movie Buddy the Elf.

Why is David leaving Emmerdale
Why is David leaving Emmerdale?

Speaking about the difficult emotional process of saying goodbye, Matthew disclosed that parting ways was especially difficult when it came to Joe-Warren [Plant], who portrays Jacob.

He continued by saying that Joe had almost grown up with him and that he had seen Joe overcome obstacles in life.

When Matthew talked about his relationship with Joe and how hard it was to go from him, his voice wavered with emotion.

The actor explained his decision to quit the program, saying that he had been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take on an incredible new part.

He finally took the tough decision to leave Emmerdale in search of a new adventure. Following the recent revelation of Matthew’s departure from the show, rumors circulated that the departure narrative would center on David Gallagher’s son, Jacob Gallagher, and his former girlfriend, Victoria Sugden.

Even though David hoped to get back together with Victoria, a new romance had lately bloomed between Jacob and Victoria.

This suggested that David would soon have to face a devastating reality, which may result in his departure in moments that are extremely moving.

Will David come back?

In response to a question concerning David’s probable comeback to the program, Matthew made a strong suggestion that his character may.

He underlined that David did not meet his end on the program, opening the possibility of his reappearance in the next years.

Why did David and Victoria break up?

In the Emmerdale plot, a dishonest deed caused Victoria Barton and David Metcalfe to first part ways. The untruth that David, played by Matthew Wolfenden, turned to had an impact on their relationship.

He made up the untrue accusation that Victoria was the one who received a speeding ticket; this falsehood had serious repercussions.

The two characters’ trust was ripped apart by this falsehood, which ultimately acted as the impetus for their breakup. David’s deceit had far-reaching repercussions that clouded their love relationship.

Their relationship reached a turning point when they separated, and Victoria was particularly hurt by the violation of trust.

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