Why is Charlie Sykes leaving the Bulwark? Charlie Sykes discusses Donald Trump and Republican voters in 2024.

Charles Jay Sykes is an American political commentator who previously served as the editor-in-chief of the website The Bulwark.

He was also the editor of Right Wisconsin, which shared ownership with WTMJ’s parent company, E. W. Scripps. He resides in Mequon, Wisconsin, with his spouse and three dogs.

Sykes, 69, announced that his “Morning Shots” newsletter and podcast for The Bulwark, which he co-founded in 2019, will end on February 9.

Sykes will continue to contribute to MSNBC, where he publishes opinion pieces about the Republican Party.

“As much as I enjoy writing a 2,000-word morning newsletter and six podcasts per week, as well as conversing with the smartest and most interesting people around, the sheer volume of idiocy out there can overwhelm me.

Charlie Sykes is stepping back a bit
Charlie Sykes is stepping back a bit

Sykes said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that he will continue to write and comment, “but at a somewhat more measured pace.”

Sykes added that he is “looking forward to accessing that part of my brain that is not Trump.” Sykes became one of Wisconsin’s most prominent conservative figures to join the “Never Trump” movement. The former president is expected to be the party’s nominee again in 2024.

Sykes rose to national prominence in 2016 after Trump called into his radio show, resulting in a contentious interview lasting more than 15 minutes.

Why is Charlie Sykes leaving the Bulwark?

Charlie Sykes, a former Milwaukee talk-radio personality who still lives in suburban Milwaukee, has announced his departure from The Bulwark, a social-media and podcasting outlet and newsletter that he describes as representing the “center-right” political perspective, most notably opposing former President Donald Trump.

After five years of daily podcasts and newsletters, I am leaving Bulwark. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and of my amazing colleagues.

Sykes announced on X, adding: On Thursday, Sykes discussed his departure in his newsletter, writing about how the chaos of the Trump years has taken a toll on his mental health, and he is ready for a reset.

He ended by thanking Bulwark’s listeners and readers for helping to propel the small start-up into a force in contemporary journalism and vowed to continue writing and commenting, but “at a somewhat more measured pace.”

Charlie Sykes
Charlie Sykes

Skyes said, Trump’s Lies Will ‘Play Very Differently’ and Have ‘Consequences’ in the general election

As former President Donald Trump’s path to the general election became clearer after defeating Nikki Haley in New Hampshire on Tuesday, MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” reported Wednesday that the embattled politician’s reputation among independent swing voters could be his undoing.

According to contributor Charlie Sykes, “what he has said, done, and been rewarded for in a Republican primary will play very differently” in the general election against President Joe Biden.

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Charlie Sykes is stepping back a bit

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