Why is Bobby leaving Queer Eye? A look into the mystery

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Netflix’s popular reality series ‘Queer Eye,’ Bobby Berk stood out as the impeccable interior design maestro.

With an eye for transformation and an infectious passion for his craft, Berk became an integral part of the Fab Five, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Yet, as whispers of his departure from the beloved show echo through the entertainment realm, a veil of mystery shrouds the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events.

Let’s look into the enigmatic departure of Bobby Berk from ‘Queer Eye,’ while also uncovering glimpses of his personal life beyond the glittering screens.

Who is Bobby?

Bobby Berk is an author, interior designer, and television host with an Emmy nomination. In the Netflix series Queer Eye, Bobby portrays an interior designer.

After a young mother gave birth to Berk in Houston, Texas, he was adopted by Connie and Jerry Berk, his maternal aunt, and her husband. He was raised in the heart of Amish farm country in Mount Vernon, Missouri.

According to Berk, growing up as a gay child in the Bible Belt and attending an Assemblies of God church presented challenges, including internal and external homophobia.

At fifteen, Berk moved out of his family. After arriving in Springfield, Missouri, he found work at Applebee’s in Branson, where he either stayed with friends or slept in his car.

Why is Bobby leaving Queer Eye?

The reason for Bobby leaving Queer Eye is still unknown. Bobby Berk released a heartfelt statement on his social media profiles, sharing the news with fans.

Queer Eye’s eighth season is on the horizon, and one of the Fab Five is making his departure from the series after it officially drops on Netflix.

Bobby has exquisitely remodeled the homes, workplaces, and special spaces for heroes as part of their metamorphosis since the premiere of Queer Eye’s first season in 2018.

He expressed that the show’s community has “become family” to him in his statement. He also went on to thank all the heroes that have been featured in the lighthearted reality series.

Regarding his exit, neither Bobby nor Netflix have disclosed their reasons for doing so or whether they plan to replace him. But one thing is certain: the king of interior design will be sorely missed.

The 42-year-old shared pictures of himself taken during his encounters with some of the show’s heroes over the years.

With a charming photo of himself grinning alongside Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan Porowski, Berk brought the slideshow to a close.

Since the February 2018 debut of “Queer Eye,” he claimed that his life has changed and that the show’s ardent fans have taught him more about acceptance, kindness, and love.

He also announced that he would be leaving the reality show after years of working with heroes to makeover their homes as its interior design expert. In the comments, “Queer Eye” cast members were kind and encouraging.

Why is Bobby leaving Queer Eye
Bobby Berk

Around the same time the show announced on social media that it had been renewed for a second season, Berk made his announcement. Berk also shared memories of “Queer Eye”‘s first season of filming, which was before the program became a major hit. 

Ten Emmys and eight seasons later, Berk’s tenure with the group is about to expire.

Is Bobby Berk married?

Yes, Bobby Berk is married to Dewey Do, who is a maxillofacial surgeon. Berk recently revealed details about how he and Do met online. They started dating in 2004.

In 2019, Berk celebrated a significant 15-year anniversary with Do with a heartfelt Instagram message. In 2024, the couple will celebrate an amazing 20 years of marriage.

2012 saw the ordination of a close friend of Berk’s and Do’s. Before relocating to Los Angeles in 2018, Berk and Do resided in New York City.

Berk and Do have lived in some amazing residences since switching coasts, such as a mansion in Los Feliz and a loft in downtown Los Angeles. They now reside in a home in the Hollywood Hills.

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