Why did Matt and Colleen Break Up?

The show Love Is Blind made the audience meet up with Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed, who at first glance looked like they had figured out a complicated experiment.

Even though rumors and recent updates seem to expose something troubling inside their relationship, there is still a hope that after all, they will be a happy couple.

Through this means, we shall embark on a journey of Matt and Colleen, accessing their backgrounds plus their experience on the show in addition to the speculations that circled their alleged breakup.

Who is Matt Bolton?

Matt Bolton, one of the participants in the popular series, married a professional ballerina named Colleen Rid, and are still happily married. Before getting into this industry of manufacturing and selling aerospace components, Matt served as the VP of LFC Industries.

He quit his last job as General Manager and he is now working as a Charter Sales Executive for Leviate Air Group, busying himself in the sale and arrangement of private chartered flights.

Matt and Colleen Break Up
Love Is Blind breakup speculation.

Who is Colleen Reed?

Colleen started her ballet career in Easton, Pennsylvania, when she was just a child. With Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane, she practiced hard as well and later she studied under the hands of Karen Knerr at the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

Transitioning to his professional life, the TV personality earned his degree in Public Relations and holds on to his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance from the University of Oklahoma, which he graduated from in 2018.

Alongside this, she also was a college member of the sorority order Alpha Phi, as seen on her Instagram.

Why did Matt and Colleen Break Up?

Why did Matt and Colleen Break Up?

Since Matt felt not sure about Colleen after she shared details of her past relationships that ended in cheating, it became the point when Matt and Colleen broke up. The fans insisted that Colleen exploited Matt just to get over her breakup and did not love him.

It seems that within a few seconds, Matt Bolton and Coleen Reed quit following each other on Instagram. At that moment rumors of the breakup boomed up.

They have never been known to post their pictures on social media, and that is just it for this show. That’s customary!

They mentioned several other things that they discussed together. We witness Colleen in the official Love Is Blind trailer season 3 video hold a conversation with Matt’s mother, who narrates that “he runs away” which screams of a Scottie coming in.

“No comments from Matt nor Colleen Bolton or Colleen Reed in this story” – as far as we know. Therefore, should not be categorized as the official sourcing of information at this time.For their relationship status.

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