Why Did Lee and Zoe Leave Four in a Bed? Unraveling the Drama and Departure

Four in a Bed fans were in for a shock when Lee and Zoe decided to leave suddenly with no reason whatsoever.

The exits happened during an intense competition, with people puzzled by what transpired in this spectacular conclusion.

Strap yourselves up, as here. We go through Lee and Zoe’s ‘Four in a Bed’ odyssey and its aftermath.

The Duo’s Journey on Four in a Bed

In 2019, Lee and Zoe, proprietors of the Unicorn Inn- a charming bed and breakfast in Ludlow, Shropshire, England made it to Four in a Bead- a reality TV Show. One was during their stay in the reality TV show, where they courted numerous problems.

However, they later ran a bed & breakfast even after leaving the show. Nevertheless, they quickly followed this by announcing that they would be closing their doors for good in 2022.

This decision transformed their life because of the tough financial environment resulting from inflation in the cost of living that was worsened even more by the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business.

Lee and Zoe were reputed for impeccable service to the visitors they served. The sudden disappearance of Bone and his family signaled an era’s end, leaving warm memories for Ludlow and its visitors behind.

Why Did Lee and Zoe Leave Four in a Bed?

According to Lee and Zoe (2019), they stopped participating in ‘Four in a Bed’ because other participants rated them very low, which was not pleasing to the duo.

Some people believed that the contest was unfair enough, which many couples took part in to win and provided unfair and deceitful appraisals.

Why Did Lee and Zoe Leave Four in a Bed
Why Did Lee and Zoe Leave Four in a Bed?

The main emotion in this situation for them was anger, aroused by one critical review made by a couple whom they assumed were unfair judges of their bed and breakfast business in which they accused them of fabricating negative comments about it.

They viewed it as bullying and walked away from the program with a definite belief that they had been treated unjustly.

Leaving suddenly raised a number of reactions among the audience, but the two remained determined on this because they considered what was experienced as unfair.

About the show ‘Four in a Bed’

“Four in a Bed” is an ever-more thrilling reality TV game show that has been captivating viewers of Channel 4 since its first airing on April 21st, 2010.

The idea of these B&B’s competition is built around an exceptional and unique interaction between the hosts.

In every episode, there are four different B&Bs that have turn by turn in other B&Bs for viewing rooms, their food, and hospitality.

They exchange feedback on experiences following their stay. Ironically, this is achieved by ensuring an equitable value of stay that takes into account everything concerning the visit per owner.

In every episode, the establishment that gets the most admiration and is appraised as of high value turns out to be the winner of that particular episode. After five episodes, the winner becomes apparent with each visit of a group of B\&Bs one to another.

Looking at the competition in British bed and breakfast could give an insight into the colorful world of hospitality, as portrayed by the hotel industry.

Is ‘Four in a Bed’ Really Reality Television?

Correct, ‘Four in a Bed’ is a reality TV show. Nevertheless, off the screen drama, some of the show’s participants’ business owners have faced real-life controversies.

The following month, with the outburst of public backlash, some of these participants needed lawyers.

The situation had escalated to such an extent that law enforcement had to intervene, investigating cases of abuse that included disturbing acts like sending feces through the mail and threats of physical harm.

Furthermore, businesses and their owners reported harassment through alleged fake reviews on TripAdvisor, emails, phone calls, and letters.

These distressing incidents shed light on the difficult experiences some show participants endured even after their appearances.


The departure of Lee and Zoe from ‘Four in a Bed’ continues to be a topic of intrigue and speculation.

While the reality show offers a glimpse into the competitive world of bed and breakfast owners, it is evident that the impact of such public exposure can be far-reaching and sometimes controversial.

As we await further updates and detailed insights, the story of Lee and Zoe reminds us of the complexities behind the scenes of reality television.

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