Why Did Kim Woojin Leave Stray Kids? The Mystery of Kim Woojin’s Departure from Stray Kids is Revealed

With their songs and live performances, K-pop bands have captivated audiences all over the world. Among these legendary bands is the well-known Korean boy band Stray Kids, which was created in 2017.

However, a pivotal turn occurred in late 2019 when Kim Woojin, a Stray Kids member, chose to break up from the group.

This article seeks to clarify the mystery surrounding Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids and the factors that led to it.

Why Did Kim Woojin Leave Stray Kids? The Puzzling Departure

Woojin allegedly left the group because he felt he was not good enough for it and because he was being bullied and told to leave by fans.

Since Stray Kids’ establishment in 2017, Kim Woojin has played a crucial role in the organization. He was the eldest member and the lead vocalist of the group, and his contribution to the formation of the band’s character was crucial.

Why Did Kim Woojin Leave Stray Kids
Why Did Kim Woojin Leave Stray Kids?

However, JYP Entertainment, the management firm for Stray Kids, made a formal announcement confirming Woojin’s departure in the second half of 2019.

Woojin, who had previously been a member of Stray Kids, has left the group as a result of personal issues, according to the official announcement, which was translated into English. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that has caused our followers.

While admitting Woojin’s resignation, this remark left fans and industry watchers wondering what the real reasons were for his leaving.

Life After Stray Kids: Kim Woojin’s Solo Journey

Kim Woojin left the Korean boy band and set out on a journey of personal and professional development. He organized solo meet-ups for admirers and engaged in self-improvement activities to stay in touch with them.

Notably, he started his own YouTube channel and debuted in the world of video creation. Woojin kept in touch with his devoted fan base through this platform by sharing songs and giving them glimpses into his life.

The Response of the Stray Kids: Disappointment but Support

Although Woojin’s departure surely left a vacuum in Stray Kids and their fan base, the other members of the band showed support and compassion for his choice.

Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N., Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Changbin were among the group members who continued their adventures together. Even after losing a cherished member, Stray Kids kept going strong and devotedly.

Accusations of Sexual Harassment: A Controversial Turn

After the Stray Kids, Woojin’s life took an unexpected and contentious turn when accusations of sexual harassment were made against him.

An anonymous Twitter user claimed in September 2020—and then deleted their account—that she and a friend had been harassed by an “idol who is really loved by his fans.”

The meeting, according to the complainant, took place in a pub in Seoul during the COVID-19 outbreak, where Woojin is accused of making unwelcome advances without their consent, despite their protests.

Swift Denial and Reaction from Woojin

Woojin took to social media, including Instagram and Twitter, to aggressively deny the claims that were making the rounds on Twitter.

He claimed that neither he nor the accuser had ever visited the places described in the tweets. Woojin assured his admirers of his innocence while expressing worry for the fear and upset the rumors may have caused.

“Hello,” wrote Woojin in a now-deleted post. It’s Woojin Kim here. I’m going through something embarrassing right now, so I’m sharing this to let the audience know the status of both of my contemporaneous works.

Your account was deactivated after strange rumors were disseminated on Twitter…She and the specified locations are both unknown to me.

Fans must have been very astonished but relaxed since it’s not true. Additionally, I recently committed to a firm I admire, and I am putting my all into my solo efforts.

Please don’t worry too much because the corporation will reply after taking action against those who propagate misleading information. I’ll then break the news once more. I’m grateful.

Kim Woojin’s Ongoing Journey in Acting, Music, and Content Creation

Under the auspices of 10x Entertainment, Kim Woojin is still pursuing a career in music. He made his formal solo debut in August 2021 with the publication of “The Moment: A Minor,” his debut mini-album, which featured the title tune “Ready Now.”

In order to give his admirers a chance to get to know him better, Woojin also broadened his creative boundaries by dabbling in content creation for websites like YouTube.

In addition to acting, he is getting ready to make his HBO Max acting debut in the episode “Beyond the Wardrobe,” where he plays Kyungmin, a member of the boy band ACT. In 2023, the So Paulo, Brazil-based television series is scheduled to premiere.

The Evolution of Kim Woojin’s Career

While Kim Woojin’s exit from Stray Kids represented a pivotal moment in his career, it was far from the conclusion of his artistic odyssey.

Woojin’s followers eagerly anticipate each new project and continue to stand by him as he develops as a solo artist, content developer, and aspiring actor.

His perseverance and commitment are evidence of his resolve to successfully negotiate the challenging K-Pop and entertainment industries.

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