Why did Amy Allan leave dead files?

Amy Allan, famous for her paranormal investigations on “The Dead Files,” has sent shockwaves through the world of supernatural enthusiasts with her unexpected departure from the show.

As fans and inquisitive minds are waiting for replies, we dive into the cryptic purposes for her departure.

Be with us on a journey to uncover the secrets encompassing the reason why Amy Allan left “The Dead Files” and how it could impact the future of the series.

Who is Amy Allan?

Amy Allan is an esteemed personality in the realm of paranormal investigation and reality TV.

Welcomed to the world on May 31, 1973, in Denver, Colorado, she rose to fame and recognition as the co-host of the famous series “The Dead Files.” 

Amy has unique abilities as a physical medium and psychic, which she uses to communicate with entities and spirits.

Her investigations commonly include exploring haunted locations and helping homeowners and entrepreneurs in resolving paranormal issues. 

With her momentous abilities, sharp bits of knowledge, and compassionate approach, Amy Allan has captivated audiences and played an important role in shedding insight into the secrets of the supernatural.

Why did Amy Allan leave ‘The Dead Files’?

Not specified, but perhaps for personal reasons.  On April 21, 2023, The Travel Channel made an important announcement regarding the return of “The Dead Files.”

However, the network likewise revealed that halfway through the fifteenth season, Amy Allan, the seasoned medium, would be taking a break for personal reasons.

Why did Amy Allan leave dead files
Why did Amy Allan leave dead files?

In a public statement, the network expressed that this season means noteworthy progress as it bids its bittersweet farewell to Amy Allan, who had been a committed partner to Steve DiSchiavi throughout more than 200 episodes.

Amy Allan, widely known as a talented physical medium, played a significant and integral role in the team since the show’s establishment back in 2011.

Fans are concerned about her and are missing their favorite paranormal investigator as they showed their love by tweeting about her departure. 

Amy Allan is taking a personal break

The network explained that after spending a significant part of her life in a paranormal investigation and engaging herself in demanding work, Allan would be making a stride back for a personal break. 

In doing so, she would share the responsibilities with fellow psychic medium Cindy Kaza. Kaza is set to carry on the mission of resolving cases including unexplained paranormal phenomena alongside DiSchiavi.

A few days after the Season 15 debut of The Dead Files, Amy picked Instagram as her platform to discuss her upcoming departure.

In the comments section, a curious fan asked about her plans. Amy kindly answered, explaining that she had decided to devote a year to focusing on her health. 

She shared her plans, referencing that during this period, she expected to effectively deal with her online store, revive her insight through massage school, guide a couple of workshops, and even entertain the idea of hosting a paranormal weekend or two.

Where is Amy now?

Amy secured a rental property in Tucson, Arizona, and is as of now in the process of relocating to the area.

Throughout her break from the show, she’s spending quality time with her dog and engaging in the scale of secondhand things to her fans.

Along with her friend, Danielle, she operates the online store, and a part of the returns supports causes like assisting animals, homeless individuals, veterans, and the paranormal resolution teams she collaborates with.

Initially, she planned to move to either Georgia or North Carolina in the wake of completing a massage program.

Additionally, Amy is going through Procell treatments, pointed toward improving the appearance of fine lines, and has already had two appointments.

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