Who is Vicky Nguyen’s husband?

Investigative journalist Vicky Nguyen, an American of Vietnamese descent, was born in the city of New York and currently works for NBC News.

In April 2019, Nguyen began working for NBC News as a consumer and investigative correspondent. Her reporting has appeared on MSNBC, NBC News Now, Nightly News with Lester Holt, The Today Show, and 3rd Hour Today.

Nguyen was employed by KNTV, the San Francisco Bay Area station owned and operated by NBC, before relocating to New York.

Vicky Nguyen’s family

During the holiday season, Vicky Nguyen and her family are spending time in a “Barbie” world.

Dressed as a “family pack” of pink toy figures in honor of the popular film, the NBC News senior consumer investigative correspondent, her husband, and their three kids perfectly captured the “Barbiecore” aesthetic for their Christmas card this year.

The notion was suggested by Vicky’s spouse, Brian, and their three daughters—Emmerson, 14, Odessa, 11, and Renley, 7—joined in the excitement.

In our mojo dojo casa house, we were ecstatic to receive Barbie. Our only goals are to bring joy and fun into the world and create these wonderful memories for our daughters.

The imaginative picture, captured by family friend Kiet Do, features the girls dressed in different pink ensembles, resembling sporty, playful, and serious Barbie. Vicky dressed up like a stylish Barbie, and Brian played Beach as Ken.

It was also perfectly timed when Vicky’s jaw-dropping family holiday card was revealed. On December 11, “Barbie” received the highest number of Golden Globe nominations of any film this year with nine.

It was only appropriate for a smash hit that became the highest-grossing film of 2023, taking in over $1.4 billion worldwide.

Who is Vicky Nguyen’s husband?

According to reports, Brian, the spouse of NBC News reporter Vicky Nguyen, used to play basketball. He played hoops while she supported him in high school and college, as Nguyen wrote in her personal blog.

But they both concluded that cheerleading and basketball weren’t their callings in life.

Consequently, Vicky Nguyen and her partner decided to pursue a different career path after graduating from college. But Nguyen’s other half still likes to hoop in his spare time, and she loves to watch and support him from the sidelines.

Vicky Nguyen and her spouse, Brian, were infatuated in high school and saw their relationship grow over time. Their love for one another grew stronger the longer they were together in life.

Furthermore, their lives are becoming even sweeter because of their three girls. Indeed! You’re correct. Emerson, Odessa, and Renley are the three girls that Vicky Nguyen and her husband are jointly raising.
The Other Half of Vicky Nguyen Strictly Prefers His Privacy

Who is Vicky Nguyen's husband
Their journey from high school sweethearts to a joyful family

As previously mentioned, Vicky Nguyen’s spouse would rather keep his private and work lives out of the public eye. As a result, he hardly ever appears on her social media accounts and never attends public events with his well-known wife.

Moreover, because of his secretive nature, we still don’t know his name or any details about his occupation.

On the other hand, according to certain internet sources, Vicky Nguyen’s partner is a licensed anesthesiologist.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any hard evidence to back up the claims made about his employment. Nevertheless, Vicky Nguyen’s man appears to be succeeding in whatever line of work he is engaged in.

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