Who is leaving NCIS 2024? Why do NCIS fans think Nick Torres might leave the show?

NCIS returns for Season 21, but Special Agent Nick Torresp is in trouble, and fans are concerned that he will be the next major character to leave the show.

Nick Torres has been a regular on NCIS for the last six years. He was first introduced in Season 14 of the long-running CBS procedural and is played by Wilmer Valderrama, who previously appeared on That 70s Show.

Although Valderrama has not stated that he intends to leave the show, there have been several cast changes in recent years, including the departure of the show’s lead, Mark Harmon.

Harmon played Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from seasons 1 to 19, and he will narrate NCIS: Origins, the latest addition to the franchise.

Torres has stepped into the spotlight since Harmon’s departure, taking over the reins. With the special agent in hot water in Season 21, fans are concerned that his time on the popular show is coming to an end.

Nick Torres
Does Torres leave NCIS?

According to Season 21 previews, he will spend some time away from the bullpen, but for how long? 

Is Nick Torres leaving NCIS?

It is possible, and rumors have circulated among fans, that Season 21 will be his last. In December 2021, Valderrama was cast as the lead in Disney’s live-action Zorro series.

The show is still in production, and fans are concerned that he will leave NCIS if the filming schedules conflict.

While Valderrama has not expressed a desire to leave the show, the plot of Season 21 could certainly set his departure in motion.

In a Season 21 preview, the FBI takes Torres out of the NCIS bullpen in handcuffs and serves the rest of the squad with a warrant for his arrest on murder charges.

In a separate trailer, the team comes across a video message left by Torres. “If you are watching this, I have been arrested,” he explains. “I understand you want to help me, but please don’t.”

Wilmer Valderrama
Wilmer Valderrama

Torres was last seen confronting a mysterious man from his past who had been ruining his family’s life. Before the episode ended, Torres took out his gun and told the man he wanted to watch him die.

During an interview, Valderrama discussed Torres’ arrest, saying, “It is going to create a major question mark on what is the trajectory, where does he go from here, is he going to keep the badge, is he going to stay in jail, and what crime did he commit?”  

“He is willing to throw away everything,” the actor said. “You will see a character go so far as to surprise himself. 

Torres’ future as an NCIS agent is uncertain, and Valderrama is preparing for a new role, so could Season 21 be his final season? Viewers will just have to wait until the new season to find out.

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