Who is leaving Fox News? Fox News is Undergoing Transitions

With time, many transitions occur, and everyone and everything undergoes certain changes. Some changes Fox News is also facing as it is undergoing many wanted and unwanted occurrences.

A few prominent figures on Fox News are leaving the channel, which has caused viewers to be curious as they want to know the names and reasons behind the departure of these renowned names.

Delving into this article will provide you with the names of the prominent figures and other information you might be seeking.

Who is leaving Fox News?

Rupert Mudroch, Tom Lyden, and Tucker Carlson are leaving Fox News. This year has witnessed many people leaving the popular news network Fox News.

Some prominent figures and anchors on Fox News are leaving the channel. They are either retiring or having a fresh journey with their careers.

There are three specific names of people who have left or are leaving Fox News. The names are: Rupert Mudroch, Tom Lyden, and Tucker Carlson. The reasons behind their departure are mentioned further in the article.

Rupert Murdoch

The recent announcement of Rupert Murdoch leaving as the chair of Fox Corp. and News Corp. has triggered intense discussions, particularly within the world of journalism, where “succession” has heavily influenced perceptions.

With Lachlan Murdoch taking over from his father as the head of the right-wing media empire, much of the discourse has revolved around the direction he will steer the company and whether Rupert Murdoch remains a behind-the-scenes puppeteer.

Who is leaving Fox News
Who is leaving Fox News?

However, amidst the fascination with internal family dynamics, a more significant development in the realm of right-wing media deserves attention: the emergence of numerous external challengers to the Fox News throne.

Over recent years, a network of well-funded GOP propaganda outlets has expanded its reach through social media, positioning themselves to potentially erode Fox News’ audience further.

Rupert Murdoch’s departure could provide these challengers with the opening they’ve been seeking, potentially amassing more money and influence in the process.

Tom Lyden

Tom Lyden, a seasoned reporter and FOX 9 investigator, is bidding farewell to FOX 9 this month. His departure stems from his commitment to becoming the primary caretaker for his 86-year-old mother, who resides near Mariposa, California.

Remarkably, he has been fulfilling this caregiving role while simultaneously contributing to the FOX 9 Investigators’ team since 2022.

Lyden’s journey with KMSP-TV began in September 1993, and throughout his tenure, he consistently elevated the standards of local television news reporting. His dedication and professionalism set a benchmark that inspired many in the industry.

One of the standout moments in Tom Lyden’s career at FOX 9 was his involvement in the “The River Road” series, a groundbreaking investigative report that exposed a religious cult operating within Minnesota.

Led by Victor Barnard, this cult subjected its underage followers to sexual assault. Lyden’s relentless pursuit of the truth led to an international manhunt for Barnard, ultimately resulting in his capture, conviction, and subsequent imprisonment.

As Tom Lyden embarks on his new journey as a devoted caregiver, his contributions to investigative journalism and his impactful reporting at FOX 9 will be remembered as part of his enduring legacy.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, a prominent figure at Fox News known for espousing xenophobic and racist views on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, left the network abruptly without a clear explanation.

Reports have suggested that Carlson’s departure was the result of a personal order from Fox owner Rupert Murdoch, citing reasons that included his use of vulgar language to describe a female executive.

Carlson shared a cryptic two-minute video on his Twitter account, shedding little light on his exit but offering sweeping criticisms of the state of American discourse.

He noted that stepping away from the noise allowed him to observe the kindness of some people. He also criticized the vacuity of many televised debates, deeming them irrelevant and forgettable.

Fox News has refrained from publicly disclosing the reasons behind Carlson’s departure, but it coincided with the network’s agreement to pay $787.5 million to Dominion, a voting equipment company, in a high-profile defamation lawsuit settlement.

Reports indicate that Carlson’s sudden exit may be connected to a lawsuit filed by his former senior booking producer, Abby Grossberg, who alleged facing sexism and a hostile work environment during her tenure.

The departure of a prominent Fox News figure like Tucker Carlson underscores the ongoing dynamics and challenges within the media landscape, particularly in light of controversies and legal disputes involving the network.

These three names: Rupert Mudroch, Tom Lyden, and Tucker Carlson—are prominent figures on Fox News. They are leaving the channel after serving for decades for the viewers of Fox News.

All of them have established a certain position on Fox News and their void will be felt by everyone. However, they will all be starting new journeys, which will play a significant role in their career histories.

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