Who is leaving 7de Laan in 2023?

On April 4, 2000, Oubaas, Hilda, Charmaine, Aggie, Emma, and the Meintjies family and other well-known characters made their television premiere on SABC2. Aggie, Emma, and the Meintjies family, all of whom became well-known figures.

It focuses on the daily lives of those who live in and around the Hillside suburb neighborhood of 7de Laan.

The show, which was once only given in Afrikaans, has undergone numerous changes as a result of the introduction of various dynamic characters, plots, and languages from other races and cultures, reflecting the rich diversity of our nation.

About 7de Laan

Danie Odendaal Productions is a South African production company that makes the Afrikaans soap opera 7de Laan.

The 7de Laan (7th Avenue) Hillside suburban community and its surrounding area are the main subjects of the television series.

The program’s dialogue is primarily spoken in Afrikaans, with subtitles in Zulu and English interspersed.

Who is leaving 7de Laan in 2023?

When season 24 of the enduringly popular soap opera 7de Laan concludes in December 2023, SABC2 and Danie Odendaal Productions announce that it will not be renewed for a further season.

The program has been airing for 23 years. In actuality, the entire cast would be quitting the program as the show comes to an end.

The popular serial opera 7de Laan will cease after season 24 after 23 years on the air, SABC 2 and Danie Odendaal Productions announced on Monday.

On December 26, 2023, the day after Christmas, the final episode will be movingly shown.

Who is leaving 7de Laan in 2023
Who is leaving 7de Laan in 2023?

In response to a media inquiry, the SABC informs News24 that “7de Laan will not be recommissioned for another season when season 24 comes to an end in December 2023,” despite without giving a cause for the program’s demise.

Obstruction in the production of the show

Danie Odendaal Productions’ announcement that the popular SABC2 Afrikaans soap opera “7de Laan” has had its production halted owing to a lack of funds came as yet another surprise to fans of the show.

It only fuels the fire since the cast claims they received the most recent communication from Danie Odendaal Productions “via WhatsApp” on September 3.

Following the cancellation of 7de Laan, actors Ingrid Paulus and Nobuhle Mahlasela are eager to embark on new professional endeavors.

One of the SABC’s longest-running soap operas, which has graced the small screen for 23 years, will finish in December, with the shooting schedule calling for a wrap-up in October.

Paulus has been a part of the soap opera since the beginning, playing the part of Vanessa Meintjies. She claimed that the majority of the actors learned of the show’s cancellation on Monday of last week.

Paulus told Sowetan that she was still processing the devastating news.

Paulus recalled being first star-struck by the opportunity to work with some of the celebrities she had admired as a child. She stated she would miss Venessa’s spontaneity as she said farewell to her well-known persona.

For many actors who began working on the show when they were young, it has been a wonderful and happy journey filled with numerous learning experiences.

Mahlasela, who made her acting debut on the show, described the experience as both great and difficult for someone who exclusively speaks Zulu when acting.

The final goodbye

Danie Odendaal Productions stated in July of this year that the long-running soap opera would not be renewed for another season.

The popular show, which debuted on television on April 4, 2000, is about to draw its last curtain after over two decades. In December, the production company made the announcement that the 24th season would be the final.

Nevertheless, in a surprising turn of events, the production firm announced that “management decided to suspend all regular “7de Laan” operations with immediate effect due to insufficient funds to maintain salaries and other operational requirements.”

It was difficult to sustain the daily output needs since SABC was having trouble paying the production, according to the statement.

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