Where Is Wendell Edwards From WSFB? What Does The Post Resignation Scenario Look Like For Edwards?

Anyone who regularly follows TV news programmes can tell when the lineup on those programmes changes.

You will wonder what happened to the anchor if you watch a news programme every morning and one day find that the anchor you have been watching for years has disappeared.

Wendell Edwards, one of the regular anchors of Eyewitness News in the Morning on WFSB in the town, has been absent from the show for a while, as many viewers in Hartford, Connecticut have observed. Naturally, a lot of people are curious about Wendell’s fate.

Where is Wendell Edwards from WSFB?

Wendell seems to have departed from WFSB. The specifics of his leaving are still mostly unknown. His last day on the air was last Thursday, according to a Nov. 20, 2023, item in The Laurel.

Where Is Wendell Edwards From WSFB
Wendell Edwards

Staff members allegedly received no explanation. The WFSB website no longer features Wendell’s bio, but the station hasn’t announced his exit.

Wendell has also yet to be heard from on the radio since he was rumoured to be quitting the network. Since the news broke, he has only written once on Facebook, wishing his late mother a happy birthday.

He has not commented on his new employment or the reason for his possible termination from WFSB.

The reasons behind Wendell’s departure from WFSB are still largely unknown. He won’t be returning to the channel anytime soon, that much is certain.

Wendell’s journey in broadcast journalism

Wendell began working for the WFSB team in 2021, but before that, he worked for a considerable amount of time in broadcast journalism in various parts of the nation.

He has held positions as an anchor for Hearst Television and at news stations in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition, he was an anchor for KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City, where he was recognised for his journalism efforts with multiple prizes and accolades.

Wendell received two NABJ Salute to Excellence honours in 2008 and 2011 while residing in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Broadcasters Association recognised him with an award for exceptional investigative reporting in 2010.

Since he graduated from Columbia Journalism School, it is obvious that his qualifications had nothing to do with his termination.

Considering that the majority of WFSB employees are unaware of this regarding the grounds for Wendell’s termination, it appears highly probable that we might never discover the precise cause of his dismissal. It appears he will not be covering events in Connecticut, wherever he ends up next.

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