Where is Vlad Duthiers? What happened to Vlad?

Vladimir Duthiers’ abrupt exit from CBS This Morning has left fans wondering what happened to him.

It also raises the question in the mind: Where is Vlad Duthiers? The excitement rises as word of his homecoming spreads. Will Vlad return to the morning program, and what surprises await the seasoned journalist?

Is Vlad Duthiers leaving CBS This Morning? This question is making fans more anxious. Let’s find the answer to all these suspicious questions.

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Who is Vlad Duthiers?

Vlad Duthiers is an American journalist.

His parents were Haitian immigrants with French and Chinese ancestors. He speaks French, Mandarin Chinese, and Haitian Creole fluently.

Duthiers first studied news reporting at the College of Rhode Island before moving on to political philosophy. After completing his degree, he began working in the financial services business on Wall Street in 1991.

After five years working for CNN, American TV journalist Vlad Duthiers joined CBS News as a correspondent in 2014. He was a member of the CNN team that received two Emmy awards for its coverage of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, as well as a Peabody award for his coverage of the Boko Haram kidnapping of Nigerian kids.

Where is Vlad Duthiers?

Vlad Duthiers is currently in Anguilla. He is on paternity leave with his wife and daughter to spend some quality time with them.

In an Instagram post, Duthiers enthusiastically announced the arrival of his daughter, Céline Mari WeiZhen Wang-Duthiers, on February 25, 2023. This sincere declaration demonstrated his excitement and joy at being a father.

Where is Vlad Duthiers
Where is Vlad Duthiers?

This significant event in his personal life took precedence. This joyful event resulted in his temporary leave from his professional commitments.

Is Vlad Duthiers leaving CBS This Morning?

No, Vlad Duthiers is not leaving CBS This Morning.

He is still a part of CBS This Morning and he is expected to return soon. He is right now in Anguilla, where he is spending his precious time with his wife and newly born daughter.

He has previously made substantial contributions to the show as a journalist, guest anchor, and host of the “What to Watch” segment.

Duthiers will continue to present “What to Watch,” but he will also increase his role as a featured host, building on his existing position as an anchor for CBS News.

Neeraj Khemlani, President and Co-Head of CBS News & Stations stated that Duthiers will take a more active role in the morning show’s “Talk of the Table” segments. He will do it with a focus on improving coverage of business, arts, and culture.

This promotion emphasizes Duthiers’ importance to the network while also putting him in a better position to contribute even more.

What happened to Vlad Duthiers?

Nothing specific has happened to Vlad Duthiers.

Duthiers abruptly vanished from the CBS This Morning program. He took a trip following the birth of his daughter. Céline Mari WeiZhen Wang-Duthiers, Vlad and Marian Wang’s daughter, was born in February.

Both Vlad’s upcoming promotion on the CBS morning show and this event occurred at the same time. Fans have lately noticed Vlad’s absence from work, despite Céline’s birth six months earlier; this is most likely due to his parental responsibilities.

Is Vlad Duthiers still on CBS This Morning?

Yes, Vlad Duthiers is still on CBS This Morning. Currently, he is not appearing on the news channel because he is on paternity leave.

He will be continuing on CBS This Morning, returning from Anguilla. This news has been confirmed by the President and Co-Head of CBS News, Neeraj Khemlani.

When is Vlad Duthiers returning to CBS This Morning?

Vlad Duthiers is expected to return in September. He is set to return after taking some time off to bond with his new daughter and support his wife.

This emphasizes the significance of work-life balance and the realization that family is an important component of one’s life journey, especially for high-profile media figures like Duthiers.

Viewers who value his contributions to the program will most likely be looking forward to his comeback.

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