Where is Tom McCarthy today? Let’s find out.

When the Phillies finish their series against the Miami Marlins this weekend at Citizens Bank Park, they will be without a recognizable voice.

How is Tom McCarthy doing?

McCarthy’s replacement in the NBC Sports booth, Scott Franzke, a seasoned Phillies radio announcer who stood in for McCarthy when the NFL called last year, will be in charge of Philadelphia.

The former Phillies general manager Rubén Amaro Jr., who is in his second season as a network game announcer, will join Franzke in calling this weekend’s game. John Kruk will be off this weekend and be back on Monday.

Kevin Stocker, a former Phillies shortstop who took over as the team’s primary radio analyst this season as Larry Andersen has reduced his workload in recent years, will work alongside pre- and postgame presenter Gregg Murphy on 94.1 WIP to provide play-by-play.

McCarthy remarked, The beautiful thing is we have a lot of brilliant men announcing the Phillies, and we’re all really good friends.

Even Kevin Stocker, who spends almost all of his time with us, seems to fit right in with the pranks we get up to. We’re incredibly lucky.

Where is Tom McCarthy today?

The Phillies’ 3-2 loss to the Marlins was called by Tom McCarthy, who is in his 14th season as the team’s television voice on NBC Sports Philadelphia (and five years prior on the radio).

Where is Tom McCarthy today? Let's find out.
Where is Tom McCarthy today?

But McCarthy won’t be announcing the games on Saturday or Sunday. This is due to the fact that Sean Payton, the Denver Broncos’ new head coach, will be making his NFL Week 1 debut on Sunday afternoon when the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos square off on CBS.

What CBS has to say

McCarthy will miss two more games during the Phillies’ series against the St. Louis Cardinals next weekend at Busch Stadium because CBS has assigned him to call the Week 2 game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans on September 17.

Because he will be announcing a college football game for CBS on that Saturday, he will also miss the Phillies’ game against the New York Mets on September 23.

The grind, according to McCarthy, “makes me sharper because it keeps my mind moving more and more.” “I easily become bored. Since my wife teaches and my children are all grown, playing games and practicing for games keeps me going.

In his tenth season as an NFL game announcer, McCarthy is paired with former NFL kicker Jay Feely and Hall of Famer James Lofton this year.

He has worked with both before, called a few NFL games on the radio with Lofton, and worked for two seasons at CBS alongside Feely. Tiffany Blackmon will handle the sideline reporting for the broadcast.

In 2021, when Jim Nantz tested positive for COVID-19, McCarthy took over as the sole play-by-play announcer to call a game with Tony Romo.

He still holds this distinction today. Nantz and Romo will call Sunday’s Eagles game versus the New England Patriots in the broadcast booth.


“After they called a game together, McCarthy described Romo as “a normal dude who just loves the game.” “His gaming knowledge is incredible. He just remembers stuff that I would never be able to remember, kind of like [John] Kruk’s memory.

This season, the Eagles will only appear on CBS twice, both of which will be called by Nantz and Romo.

McCarthy has never covered an Eagles game for CBS on television, but he did co-anchor Westwood One’s radio broadcast of the Birds’ playoff defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021 with Ron Jaworski, a commentator for NBC Sports Philadelphia and a former Eagles quarterback.

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