Where is Todd Yakoubian Going? The Mystery Unveiled

In television broadcasting, we often find certain personalities becoming fixtures in our daily lives.

They transcend their roles as mere news presenters or weather forecasters, becoming trusted figures we welcome into our homes.

Todd Yakoubian is one such individual, a meteorologist who has graced KATV Channel 7 for nearly two decades. However, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: Where is Todd Yakoubian headed next?

Where is Todd Yakoubian going?

Todd Yakoubian is leaving KATV after being a part of it for 18 years as a meteorologist. He didn’t inform me about his next job role but expressed gratitude to his audience.

The sense of intrigue surrounding Todd Yakoubian’s departure began with a heartfelt announcement.

Through a video shared on Twitter, Todd Yakoubian let the cat out of the bag, stating, “In the near future, I will be departing from KATV Channel 7,” expressing gratitude for his 18 remarkable years there.

This revelation certainly caught viewers by surprise, leaving them both curious and contemplative about the motivations behind his decision and the path he intends to follow.

The Intriguing Future

The most captivating aspect of this revelation was Todd’s unwillingness to divulge details about his forthcoming destination. “I still can’t fully grasp that it’s happening,” he admitted, adding, “You are KATV.”

Where is Todd Yakoubian Going? The Mystery Unveiled
Where is Todd Yakoubian Going?

This cryptic statement left everyone pondering. Where could Todd be venturing that necessitates such secrecy, something so compelling that it cannot yet be revealed?

Acknowledgment of Colleagues

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions stirred by Todd’s announcement, he took a moment to express his appreciation for his fellow meteorologists at KATV.

He mentioned Barry Brandt, Melinda Mayo, and James Bryant, referring to them as “true professionals” and extending his heartfelt gratitude.

This gesture added another layer of intrigue. Could his departure be connected to changes within the station, or was it a personal choice driven by other factors?

The Bond with His Viewers

But Todd’s disclosure didn’t stop there. He took a moment to acknowledge the special connection he had forged with his audience over the years.

He reflected on this, “I feel like we have formed a bond over the past two decades.” He continued, “You’ve relied on me during severe weather events and trusted me with the daily weather forecasts.”

These heartfelt words deeply resonated with viewers who had come to depend on him for meteorological updates and as a comforting presence during trying times.

Todd’s Journey at KATV

To better understand Todd Yakoubian’s decision, it’s important to acknowledge his remarkable journey at KATV.

He joined the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2005, bringing his passion for meteorology and a wealth of knowledge. He holds a broadcasting degree from the University of Oklahoma and a broadcast meteorology certificate from Mississippi State.

Furthermore, he possesses certification as a broadcast meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society, underscoring his expertise in the field.

The Unanswered Question: Why?

Despite all the revelations, the question remains: Why is Todd Yakoubian leaving KATV? After nearly two decades of being a dependable source for weather updates and a source of comfort during severe weather events, what could have triggered this decision? Todd’s departure represents a significant change for the station and its viewers, who have wholeheartedly placed their trust in him.

The Promise of Revelation

In his announcement, Todd Yakoubian offered a glimmer of hope to his curious followers. He assured them he would reveal his future endeavours “at the appropriate time.”

This promise further heightens the intrigue surrounding his departure. What could be so meaningful and significant that it necessitates such confidentiality?


As Todd Yakoubian prepares to bid farewell to KATV Channel 7 after 18 years, the question of where he is headed continues to captivate the minds of his viewers.

His departure signifies a change in the broadcasting landscape and a shift in the daily lives of those who have placed their trust in him for so long.

The enigma surrounding his future destination deepens the intrigue, leaving us all eagerly anticipating when Todd Yakoubian finally discloses his next chapter.

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