Where Is Ryan Beesley Now? The Journey of a FOX 5 Meteorologist

In the world of meteorology, Ryan Beesley shines as a dedicated meteorologist and a beloved personality on FOX 5 Atlanta. But there’s more to this weatherman than just forecasts and Doppler radar.

This blog takes you on a fascinating journey through Ryan’s life, career, and recent surgery, shedding light on his passion for weather, his delightful interactions with viewers, and the warmth he radiates both on and off the screen.

Join us as we explore the life of this talented meteorologist, unearthing interesting details about the man behind the weather maps.

Where is Ryan Beesley now?

Ryan Beesley is a renowned meteorologist on Fox 5 Atlanta. Ryan Beesley’s meteorology career is not just a testament to his dedication, but also to his real love of weather.

He was no stranger to weather occurrences as a boy growing up in Alabama, from tornadoes and hurricanes to snowstorms. These early encounters sparked his interest in weather as well as science.

Where Is Ryan Beesley Now
Where Is Ryan Beesley Now?

Ryan’s Educational Background

Ryan pursued a career in meteorology after discovering his interest. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences with a specialisation in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

This educational background laid the groundwork for a career full of challenging duties and responsibilities.

Ryan had gained valuable expertise as a meteorologist for numerous stations around the country prior to joining FOX 5 Atlanta.

His adventure began with WTVY in Dothan, Alabama, continued with WCTI in New Bern, North Carolina, and ended with WJCL in Savannah, Georgia.

Along the way, he witnessed and reported on major meteorological catastrophes such as Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Michael, as well as Atlanta’s historic snowfall in 2018.

A Person with Many Facets

Ryan Beesley is not just an accomplished meteorologist, but also a personable and approachable individual.

On social media, he frequently connects with followers, offering weather updates, images, videos, and personal experiences.

Away from the camera, he attends community events, charity races, school visits, and festivals. This charismatic and gregarious demeanour endears him to his audience.

However, Ryan Beesley’s life is more than just meteorology. He lives with his wife, Lauren, who is also a journalist. In July 2021, they welcomed their son, Hudson, into the world.

Their household also includes two dogs named Bailey and Cooper. Ryan enjoys a wide range of hobbies in his spare time, including travel, golf, sports, and music.

His varied interests include collecting weather memorabilia, thermometers, barometers, and rain gauges, to name a few.

A Recent Health Problem

Ryan Beesley fans have recently been informed of his surgery. Although the nature of his health problem has not been divulged, we wish him a speedy recovery.

We hope to see him back on the screens soon to continue brightening our mornings.

Awards and Commendations

Ryan Beesley’s passion for his work has garnered him various accolades and recognitions throughout the years. Among them are the following:

  1. The Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal of accreditation from the American Meteorological Society.
  1. The Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association.
  1. GABBY Award for Best Weather Coverage from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.
  1. The Associated Press Best Weathercast Award.

These honours demonstrate his dedication to providing accurate and dependable weather forecasts to FOX 5 Atlanta viewers.

Ryan Beesley is a meteorologist who stands out in his field. He is one of the reasons why viewers excitedly tune in to Good Day Atlanta every Saturday morning.

As he effectively guides us through Atlanta’s ever-changing weather, his vibrant personality and smart forecasts brighten our days.


Ryan Beesley has remained a significant presence in the meteorology industry, from his childhood in Alabama to his journey through several meteorological posts, family life, and a recent operation.

He embodies not only the expertise required for the job but also the passion that makes him a likeable character both on and off the screen.

We express our best wishes for his health and ongoing success as we eagerly await his return to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Ryan Beesley is more than just a weatherman in the realm of meteorology. On our screens, he’s a light of sunshine.

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