Where is Ross Shimabuku? What happened to him?

When it comes to sports reporting, one name that really shines is Ross Shimabuku. But where is he now, and how’s his career been? Join us as we dive deep into his work life, family, and hobbies and uncover the story of this exciting guy.

Ross Shimabuku: The Sports Reporter Whiz

In the world of sports journalism, Ross Shimabuku is a big deal. He’s famous for his sports reporting; his journey in this field is quite something.

A Career That Took Him Across America

Ross Shimabuku’s job has taken him all over the United States. He started as a sports anchor at KGMB in Hawaii in 2016.

Before that, he worked at Al Jazeera America, covering live games in MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL.

Passion Driving His Career

Ross got into sports journalism because he loves sports. He once said, “If I can’t play professional sports, the next best thing is to talk about it.” His work never felt like a job because he was passionate about it.

This passion took him to cities like Phoenix, San Diego, and New York City. During his career, he covered four Super Bowls and the unforgettable 2001 World Series, a truly historic moment.

The Real Ross Shimabuku

Ross Shimabuku is not just a pro; he’s a son, a brother, and a friend. He was born in the US. His decision to go back to Kahala, Hawaii, from the mainland shows how much he cares about his family.

Where is Ross Shimabuku?

Ross Shimbuku returned to his hometown to be close to his parents. His parents got older, and his dad had dementia. He wanted to be closer to his family, saying, “I wanted to be closer to my family, especially my parents.” So, he went back to his hometown.

His Marital Status

Even though he’s famous as a Sports Anchor at KGMB, Ross keeps his personal life private. We don’t know if he’s engaged, married, or single.

Where is Ross Shimabuku? What happened to him?
Where is Ross Shimabuku?

From Numbers to Passion

It’s interesting that Ross graduated from Kalani High School and started studying Accounting at Arizona State University. But he followed his heart into sports journalism.

The KHON2 Gig

Ross Shimabuku is a Sports Anchor at KGMB, part of KNOH 2 in Hawaii. He’s been doing this since 2016. Before that, he did important work at Al Jazeera America, covering major sports events.

His career began at KTVK 3TV, where he reported on many sports, from MLB and NHL to NFL, NCAA, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, and the Olympics. He worked his way up from being a Weekend Sports Anchor to a Weeknight Sports Anchor and Sports Director.

Unforgettable Moments in His Career

While Ross’s career has many achievements, some moments stand out. In 2001 he covered the World Series, a huge deal after the 9/11 attacks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ win over the New York Yankees in that series was something people will never forget.

Ross Shimabuku’s Hobbies

When he’s not working, Ross enjoys a bunch of things. He’s into CrossFit, hiking, hanging out at the beach with family and friends, and spending time with his dog, Koge the Corgi.

Ross Shimabuku net worth

So, what’s Ross Shimabuku’s net worth? Well, his job as a Sports Anchor at KGMB in Hawaii is estimated to be around $1 million.


Ross Shimabuku’s journey through life is pretty cool. From wanting to be an accountant to becoming a sports journalist, from covering games nationally to going back to his family, his story is full of surprises.

But we’re left with a little mystery about his marital status, which intrigues us.

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