Where is Pep Guardiola now? The Mystery Surrounding Pep Guardiola’s Whereabouts

Pep Guardiola, the genius behind Manchester City’s victories, has disappeared from the Premier League scene, leaving fans considering: Where Could Pep Guardiola currently be? We should plunge into this captivating situation and give a few answers.

Pep’s Unexpected Absence

In an amazing turn, Pep Guardiola has been sidelined because of a lingering back issue that required a critical medical procedure in Barcelona.

This unanticipated development has brought about his disappearance from Manchester City’s next two significant Premier League matches. Due to this circumstance, his health and the club’s immediate future have been questioned.

Where is Pep Guardiola now?

Pep Guardiola is in Barcelona and will stay there until after the September worldwide break, meaning he’ll miss two crucial matches against Sheffield United and Fulham.

Even though Pep Guardiola’s surgery went well, his recovery will take longer. So, who will take his place while he’s gone?

Juanma Lillo Takes the control

As Guardiola centers around recovery, Juanma Lillo, the late named partner chief, ventures into the spotlight.

Where is Pep Guardiola now
Where is Pep Guardiola now?

Lillo, who got back to Manchester City this month, will briefly oversee instructional courses and matches. It’s a critical responsibility for the seasoned coach, but it’s not a new domain.

Guardiola’s Past Absences

There are other cases where Manchester City has needed to navigate without their regarded supervisor. In 2018, because of a Champions League touchline ban, Mikel Arteta assumed responsibility for the group.

Afterward, in 2022, Guardiola missed a FA Cup game because of contracting Coronavirus, with assistant coach Rodolfo Borrell taking over. Curiously, City was victorious in the two events, highlighting the profundity of their crew.

The Specifics of Pep’s Surgery

Guardiola’s medical procedure was an essential move to address severe back pain that had been irritating him for quite a while.

Expert Dr. Mireia Illueca operated with success. Now, the question is how Guardiola will lead his team as he recovers.

When Will Guardiola Return?

When could we, at any point, expect Guardiola to get back to his standard place on the touchline? As per Manchester City, he’s expected to return after the approaching international break in September, following Matchday 4.

Fans anxiously anticipate his return to check whether he can lead the group to further victories.

Manchester City’s Strength

Notwithstanding Guardiola’s absence, Manchester City remains a formidable team in the Premier League.

Their crew is overflowing with ability and experience, and the impending timetable seems great.

Though challenging, matches against Sheffield United and Fulham give the group an open door to get essential points.


As we look for answers with respect to Pep Guardiola’s whereabouts, one thing is sure: Manchester City, regardless of their chief, keeps on being a competitive force.

While Guardiola’s absence brings up issues, it additionally presents a chance for the group to show their strength.

In this way, the secret of Pep Guardiola’s location may persist for the time being. However, the game goes on.

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