Where is Nicolle Wallace this week?

Nicolle Wallace, born in 1972, is a prominent American political commentator, author, and television host.

Her illustrious career began in Republican politics, culminating in her role as White House Communications Director under President George W. Bush.

Transitioning to the media, Wallace became renowned for insightful political commentary and hosted MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.” Read the below article to know where Nicolle Wallace is this week.

Who is Nicolle Wallace?

Born in 1972 in Orange County, California on February 4th of that year Nicolle Wallace has made a reputed career as an American political commentator, author and television host.

In the public limelight, her career started with a notable position in Republican politics and ended as the White House Communications Director under President George W.

Bush for two years from 2005 to She also strengthened her political qualifications by serving as a McCain-Palin campaign senior advisor during the presidential election of 2008.

Moving on from politics, Wallace would become an institution within the realm of political commentary.

Known for her incisive commentary, she has regularly appeared on numerous news shows offering a wise opinion of political events and trends.

One of her pivotal roles is as the host of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” whose hosts take viewers on an in-depth tour of the American political terrain and carry out interviews with influential personnel.

In addition to her success in the news field, Nicolle Wallace is also a successful writer. To date, she has written several novels such as ‘Eighteen Acres’, “It’s Classified,” and “Madam President.”

These works demonstrate both her knowledge of politics and also creativity in writing. Wallalot also attracted attention for their personal life, along with her professional achievements.

The two got married in a private wedding on April 2, This union occurred after Wallace’s divorce from her former husband Mark to whom she was legally married for fourteen years, coming in 2019. In 2012, they jointly brought Liam a boy to their union.

Where is Nicolle Wallace this week
Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC Journey.

Is Nicolle Wallace leaving MSNBC?

However, there is no confirmation that Nicolle Wallace has permanently departed MSNBC. Wallace’s absence from MSNBC’s Deadline:

The birth of her daughter, Isabella in 2023 is responsible for the White House. Since the child was born, she went on a hiatus from hosting and spent time with her family.

Although she returned on December 5, 2023, for a special interview even though there was no hint of her joining the show full-time until January 9.

Wallace’s ultimate intentions with MSNBC stay unclear as the article does not shed light on them.

For those who wish to find out the latest information about Nicolle Wallace’s situation on MSNBC, it is recommended they refer elsewhere: mention recent sources or official announcements published by MSNBC.

Wallace showed a high level of interest in her disappearance on social media while the author was out. On the other hand, the piece emphasizes positive responses by fans towards Wallace’s new addition to her family.

Where is Nicolle Wallace this week?

Nicolle Wallace, the well-known host of MSNBC’s Deadline: The White House, on the other hand, took a deliberate sabbatical from November 6th,2018.

The viewers who were concerned about her absence noticed that she was missing and Alicia Menendez filled in for a while on hosting duties.

It was not until her daughter Isabella’s birth (a surrogate gave it to Wallace in 2023) that the reason for his prolonged elongation became clear.

Expressing her happiness at the new family member, Wallace who is married to MSNBC contributor Schmidt.

On December 5, 2023, returning to the show Wallace revealed her reason for absence during a phone-in interview. She confirmed the birth of Isabella and expressed her happiness, stating that she succeeded in hiding the pregnancy.

So, fans greeted her warmly when the surprise announcement came and welcomed her back on board.

However, as of January 9, 2024, Wallace had not resumed her hosting duties on Deadline: White House, but the date of her return was left undefined.

While she was away, the audience went online to show their concern and curiosity with even some going ahead to speculate about why her disappearance took place.

After her return, the audience remained supportive and enthusiastic about Wallace reassuming television

Nicolle Wallace is married to MSNBC contributor Michael Schmidt, whom they wed April 2, 202 They first encountered each other when Schmidt was on her show, and they started dating in March of 2019.

After a 14-year marriage, Wallace was divorced from her first husband Mark Wallace and returned to MSNBC with news of her daughter. When making their first marriage, they had a son named Liam in 2012.

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