Where is Monty Don this week?

Initially named George Montagu Don, the renowned British Horticulturist, writer, and broadcaster is commonly referred to as Montagu Denis Wyatt Don OBE VMH. Gardeners’ World is his most renowned show as the main BBC Gardener series.

On the other hand, Don, who is German, was raised in England. There, in this college, he met his wife.

They were partners in running a thriving enterprise that dealt with the sale of costume Jewellery during that time. Yet, the stock market crash in 1987 pushed the company to the verge of bankruptcy.

He was first featured in the TV show This Morning in 1989, doing regular gardening slot appearances. With this chance, he was invited again to TV programs on BBC Television and Channel 4 during the nineties.

At this point, he started to write and produced his first book in 1990. He has written over twenty-five books on gardening subjects.

Moreover, in 1994-2006, Don contributed by writing a weekly column on gardening for The Observer.

This was in 2003 when Alan Tichmarsh’s tenure as the main presenter of Gardeners’ World ended, and Don took over. He suspended shows from 2008- 2011 on health grounds.

As such, since then, he has made other garden-themed shows, including Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens, which will air in 2022.

What Did Monty Don Do Before Gardening?

The couple, Monty and Sarah, started a thriving fashionable jewellery line during the beginning of the early eighties.

Nevertheless, just three years later, in 1990, the venture collapsed as Monty’s screen and writing career boomed.

From 1994 to 2006, Monty Don was one of the busiest horticultural journalists in Britain and gardening editor of the Observer. He currently writes for the Daily Mail and Gardeners’ World magazine.

Monty has authored numerous books. His most recent works are “My Garden World” she published “The Natural Year” and “American Gardens,” which was a Sunday Times best-seller.

Others, including “Paradise Gardens” and “Japanese Gardens,” were created in collaboration with eminent photographer Derry Moore.

Where is Monty Don this week?

Recently, Monty Don has offered some helpful tips for winter gardening. He urged everyone considering replanting this winter to get ready.

Where is Monty Don this week
Where is Monty Don this week?

Monty Don, a star of Gardeners’ World, has provided some helpful winter gardening tips, saying, “October is still a highly fruitful month for gardeners.

Squashes, salad greens, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes, chiles, climbing beans, and other crops are abundantly harvested.”

Is Monty Don ill?

Okay, there are a range of health challenges that have affected Monty Don. He faced a critical health problem as a child when diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

In addition, he had a clot in the brain and went through a transient stroke in 2008. The incident was a public health scare of significant consequence.

The other health issues that have affected Monty Don are not of equal magnitude as those mentioned above.

In 2009, speaking publicly about his feelings of weariness, confusion about where he was headed, and even experiencing dizziness showed that he felt drained. He also cited many years spent in a garden that resulted in needing knee replacement surgery for one of his knees.

In addition, Monty Don also tested positive for COVID-19 in May 2022 and was bedridden for four consecutive days fighting the disease. For instance, this shows that he has gone through the tribulations of the pandemic, as many people face.

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