Where is Laura Rutledge today?

Laura Rutledge, an ESPN reporter, said she gave birth to a child in May and announced the new arrival to her family.

On May 25, the “N.F.L. Live” and S.E.C. Network host announced through Twitter that Jack Alexander Rutledge, her second child and first son, had been born. She also uploaded photos of Jack.

“Our angel baby,” Rutledge penned.

Along with the video of her 3-year-old daughter Reese seeing her new sibling, Rutledge also posted pictures of Jack.

Laura worked while she was pregnant

Nine months pregnant and covering the 2023 N.F.L. Draft was Laura Rutledge.

Given all the obstacles, live television is just as difficult as you’d assume.

If you’re writing about something as exciting as the 2023 N.F.L. Draft, being aware of the draft, everyone’s information, and the constant change it entails requires one to be alert.

Where is Laura Rutledge today?
Laura Rutledge (Source: Facebook)

Rutledge needed her doctor’s consent to work on the manuscript because she was due to give birth on May 24. The 34-year-old’s first concern is ensuring she is healthy and capable of handling the stress despite the importance of her work.

She also discussed the desirable qualities of women who stay at home. Anyone, whether they work or stay at home, is inspirational, according to Laura Rutledge.

Rutledge expects to look back on this job as a unique one because he has been employed by ESPN and the S.E.C. Network since 2014. one where her kid accompanied her.

She knows it won’t be simple, but she still intends to fight.

Before her career in sports journalism took off, Rutledge gained notoriety for taking first place in the 2012 Miss Florida pageant. She even took part in the 2013 Miss America pageant.

Laura Rutledge’s thoughts on working during pregnancy

Rutledge told People she considered herself “incredibly fortunate” that ESPN helped her during her pregnancy.

In addition, Rutledge was well-known for working on the N.F.L. draft in 2023 while nine months pregnant. She revealed to The Athletic in Kansas City, Missouri, that she obtained a doctor’s clearance to work the draft.

She said that although it “was not the most comfortable I’ve ever been in life,” she was grateful to work there and told ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter on “The Adam Schefter Podcast” that she was grateful to be there.

Where is Laura Rutledge today?

Laura Rutledge is taking a break because she recently gave birth to her second child. In the summer, Rutledge hasn’t featured on N.F.L. Live. Fans are concerned about the 34-year-old’s place on the show as the N.F.L. season begins in September.

Where is Laura Rutledge today?
Where is Laura Rutledge today?

Laura recently shared some recent family photos on Instagram.

One commenter questioned the media personality in the comments: “Why ain’t you on N.F.L. Live anymore?”

Rutledge said on social media that she had a baby two months ago and that she will return to N.F.L. Live.

Josh Rutledge, a former MLB player, and Laura have been wed since 2013. Their son Jack Alexander was born to her in May. Reese, a daughter of the couple, was born in 2019.

Laura Rutledge’s determination during the 2023 N.F.L. Draft

Her words and tenacity finally won the 2023 N.F.L. Draft. In fact, a few people are of the opinion that the Florida native is currently among the greatest in the industry.

Since this is what makes Laura Rutledge the best today, many people referred to her as the G.O.A.T. Everyone might not be able to work as effectively at nine months pregnant, after all.

She also worked on producing the Fox Sports San Diego program “SDLive.” Rutledge has been covering sports for more than ten years and is well-liked by sportswriters who value excellent reporting.

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