Where is Kareem Hunt now? Why is he still unsigned?

After just appearing in one game and a half of the 2023 NFL season, Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb suffered a horrific knee injury during Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Acrisure Stadium.

The most logical replacement for Chubb would appear to be free-agency running back Kareem Hunt, who played for the Browns from 2019 to 2022.

Why did the Browns replace Hunt?

The Browns reportedly felt that Hunt was “slipping” in terms of speed back in April, so they opted to part ways with him and bring in Jerome Ford.

After being restricted to just eight games in 2021 due to ankle and calf issues, Hunt was eligible for every Browns game in 2018.

Prior off-field troubles may also limit Hunt’s options for teams interested in signing him. After he was captured on camera kicking and pushing a woman, the NFL suspended him for eight games in 2019.

Kareem Hunt
Kareem Hunt

The NBA stated that the suspension was related to a physical altercation at his Cleveland home and an Ohio resort.

Reasons for Hunt being left unsigned

Hunt’s condition can be explained by his decision to wait to sign with a team until the schedule is closer to the start of the regular season. In addition, other circumstances may be responsible for his unsigned status.

Hunt’s unsigning could be due to financial concerns. It is safe to predict that Hunt will not be paid close to what he is worth given the present landscape of running back salary.

That might be one of the factors influencing his potential choice to delay signing with a team until closer to the start of the regular season.

Hunt boosts his chances of being healthy and available to play in September by delaying signing. Additionally, it gives him the flexibility to take advantage of any new opportunities that may present themselves.

Where is Kareem Hunt now?

The 28-year-old Hunt asked Cleveland for an exchange last year, yet the association declined.

From that point forward, he has become a free agent. He is as yet searching for a task despite having gatherings with a couple of associations, including the New Orleans Saints.

Where is Kareem Hunt now
Where is Kareem Hunt now?

Chubb, 27, is indispensable. However, Hunt is the main player who can easily squeeze into the Browns’ plan. However, his conflicts with the group may be unconquerable.

What’s next for Kareem Hunt?

Hunt seems to be available on purpose. Hunt is working out and getting ready for the upcoming season on his timetable rather than going through the rigours of training camp.

During his youth football camp in late June, Hunt told The News-Herald, “I’m just being patient.” “Something has come up for me. However, I’m currently relishing my time with my family. I’m hard at work, training, and simply being prepared.”


Hunt, who turned 28 on August 6, is probably searching for a supportive position that would let him concentrate on what he does best.

Hunt may no longer be a featured back, but he can still be a valuable backup and pass-catcher out of the backfield.

Hunt caught 35 passes last season despite playing a limited role, giving him a career total of 211 catches with 17 touchdowns.

The past few weeks have been an unexpected adventure for Hunt. He visited the Saints. He was expected to sign there, according to ESPN. The Colts made a greater offer, so he left after that. He didn’t sign there after that.

The Vikings, who are probably done after signing Myles Gaskin, were his next stop.

In 2017, Hunt was the NFL’s top rookie rusher. Following a video showing him abusing a woman, the Chiefs released him during the 2018 season. He made a comeback with the Browns. This year’s early contract expiration for him.

Hunt had 17 game appearances in 2022 but no starts. On 123 carries, he amassed 468 yards of rushes. He also added 210 yards receiving, and he totalled four touchdowns.

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