Where is Jordan Peterson? What happened to him?

In a recent court ruling in Ontario, psychologist and media figure Jordan Peterson faced a significant decision that raised questions about his future.

The court upheld a directive from a professional regulatory body mandating Peterson to complete social media training due to concerns about his contentious online statements.

This outcome has prompted curiosity about Peterson’s career and opinions. Let’s explore the details of this case.

The Controversial Directive

The heart of this legal matter is a directive issued last November by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

This body ordered Jordan Peterson, a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, to participate in a coaching program focused on professionalism in public statements.

This directive followed numerous complaints about Peterson’s online comments aimed at politicians, a plus-sized model, transgender actor Elliot Page, and other contentious topics.

A Possible Threat to His Licence

The complaints committee of the College of Psychologists of Ontario went a step further, suggesting that Peterson’s controversial public statements could potentially be seen as professional misconduct.

Where is Jordan Peterson
Where is Jordan Peterson?

Consequently, they required Peterson to cover the expenses of a media coaching program, cautioning that failure to comply might result in the loss of his license to practice psychology in the province.

In an attempt to challenge this directive, Peterson sought a judicial review. He argued that his political commentary was beyond the college’s purview.

However, three Ontario Divisional Court judges met his appeal with unanimous rejection. They asserted that the college’s decision aligned with its mission to regulate the profession in the public interest and did not infringe upon his freedom of expression.

Where is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson no longer provides medical care, and his career has moved from social to political criticism. He no longer routinely teaches at the University of Toronto but is still committed to keeping his teaching credential. “I deserve it,” he says.

“I deserve it. I haven’t done anything to merit its suspension, and I’m not interested in giving in to people who wish to make my position look weaker.”

Peterson’s Response

Despite this legal setback, Jordan Peterson has expressed his intention to comply with the court’s directive.

In an interview, he expressed his willingness to openly undergo the required training, stating, “I’ll comply with their regulations, but I’m not going to do it in secret”.

He maintained this stance on social media, where he wished the college luck in its “continued prosecution.” Peterson remains steadfast, asserting that he stands by his statements and has “zero regrets” about his social media posts.

A Battle for Free Speech

For Peterson, the core issue in this case is the protection of free speech, which he considers to be “sacred.” He is adamant about saying what he sees as important and accurate.

In his own words, “The basic problem is one of free speech. I enjoy thinking, and most of the time, we think by communicating. I won’t, therefore, mute myself in accordance with a government order.”

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